Nice to meet you. Custom

    Let me introduce myself: we are the CUSTIS team. We live and work in Moscow in a cozy office on Lesnaya Street. Now the company has a little more than 200 people, classy professionals, open, ambitious and enthusiastic about their work.

    What exactly are we doing? We design, develop and implement large corporate accounting and analytical systems for banks, retail chains and state-owned companies. We create custom-made IT systems, exactly "by the standards" of a particular customer company. And we spend almost their whole life with them, from a flipchart with conceptual diagrams after negotiations with a customer to duty at the Beijing office of a large distribution network, where one of our systems is being introduced.

    If we talk about the technologies that we use, then, as one of our leading developers says, "we write on everything that burns." And the most burning ones are Enterprise Java, .NET, and Oracle. Yes, we are engaged in rigorous enterprise development, but here is a place for experimentation and the opportunity to try something new, so we have solutions in the field of Big Data, non-relational storage and mobile applications. However, technological details are in future posts.

    As another of our leading developers says, “working as a programmer is not just for you to write code,” so it would be unfair not to touch on important and favorite activities outside of the development itself — for example, our seminars at which we share the light of knowledge as inside teams and with students and young professionals. And also - speeches at conferences and forums and various leisure activities: Friday gatherings, incendiary corporate parties and team buildings, joint excursions and sports grounds.

    And, like any social community, we live by our own special principles and we will follow them on Habré. In the shortest view, there are three of them.

    1. The best we have is people. We always thought so, think and will think. We highly value our specialists, are proud of them and trust them, therefore this blog will be maintained by the professional community of the company, and not by a dedicated specialist in PR or corporate communications.
    2. We love and know how to share knowledge. Our company has always willingly transferred its knowledge and expertise to those to whom it may be useful - to customers, colleagues in the industry and related fields, and, of course, employees. The same principle lies at the very heart of Habrahabr, so we hope that here we will be at ease.
    3. We strive to develop together. We believe that real development can only be joint: making a project for a client, reading an open seminar, publishing an interview with an expert - we develop ourselves and develop the environment around us. Customers, partners, specialists, the information space as a whole. In this we see our mission and we will try to grow and develop on Habré together with an audience that is critical, persistent and does not tolerate compromises - in general, ideally suited.

    We also appreciate high-quality content and don’t try to write on “topical”, “trending” and “current” topics, we respect the audience and our specialists, therefore it’s interesting and detailed about us. And we will be happy if it becomes ours, common.

    Welcome and be familiar!

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