InFocus M512 - a budget device on Snapdragon 400 and with support for 4G networks

    LTE is rapidly spreading throughout the Russian Federation, “planting” more and more people for fast surfing in the bowels of the World Wide Web. And although I personally do not share such enthusiastic screams around 4G, other people are ready to spend money and change their once excellent smartphones to new ones, but with support for fourth-generation networks. The problem is that not all manufacturers seek to produce such devices. In the budget segment, everything is generally sad, the choice of devices with LTE up to 10,000 rubles is quite small, and if you introduce the criterion of relevance of the OS, then even more so. And here the Chinese fit into the thread, although as the Chinese, despite the fact that the hero of our review today was made in China, the manufacturing company itself is from the United States.

    Following WikipediaInFocus is the largest manufacturer of projectors and LCD displays, which confirms the number of positions on Yandex.Market , but there are no references to the production of smartphones either on the official website or on the free encyclopedia page. Immediately struck by the frequent mention of Foxconn , they say they are the manufacturer of this smartphone. By the way, the way it is, since 2013 InFocus Corporation made a deal with FIHas a result of which Terry Gow (founder and CEO of Foxconn) actually became the head of the American company. The desire of the latter to get out of the shadow of Xiaomi and Huawei led to the creation of a line of smartphones under the InFocus brand. Now there are two models on sale, the older M512 and the younger M310 - today we will talk about the first.


    imageScreen: 5 ", 1280x720 px (294PPI), IPS, OGS
    imageProcessor: Snapdragon 400 (MSM8926, 4x1.2GHz) Video accelerator
    image: Adreno 305
    imageOperating system: Android 4.4.2
    imageRAM: 1 GB
    imageUser memory: 4 GB + microSD (up to 64 GB)
    imageCamera: 8 MP (Sony Exmor R, f / 2.2) rear and 2 MP front
    imageCommunication: 1 Micro-SIM slot: GSM / WCDMA / TD-SCDMA / TD-LTE / FDD-LTE (Band 1, 3 , 7)
    imageOptional: GPS, A-GPS + GLONASS, Wi-Fi b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, FM radio, NFC, OTG, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, light and distance sensor
    imageBattery: 2500 mAh
    imageDimensions: 140.5 x70.8x8.7 mm
    imageWeight: 155 gram
    imagePrice: 170 $


    The box consists of 2 parts: a turquoise base and a white top cover with an embossed brand name.

    Inside: a power supply unit (5V, 1A), an adapter for a euro plug, a USB cable, instructions in Chinese and the device itself in a matte film.

    Typical and unremarkable equipment budget Chinese smartphone.


    As for a workhorse contributing to the consumption of content from the World Wide Web, calls and other smartphone-dependent tasks, the device looks just fine. No logos on the front panel, a back cover made of rough plastic, glossy frames around the display, which is covered with tempered glass with an oleophobic coating - restrained appearance.

    InFocus M512 has standard dimensions for a 5-inch smartphone (140.5x70.8x8.7 mm and weight 155 grams). The framework, of course, is rather large in comparison with the top Chinese devices, but not critical. The control buttons are spaced along the side faces of the smartphone. On the left is the volume rocker:

    On the right is the power button and nothing more. Above the display are proximity and light sensors, a front camera and a speaker (loud and clear, the interlocutor is heard perfectly).

    In addition to the predominance of straight lines in the design of the smartphone, the symmetry of some elements also catches the eye. So, the noise reduction microphone located on the upper end is symmetrical to the colloquial microphone on the lower end. And the rear camera is located on the same axis with the flash.

    There is only one speaker in the M512, small and located on the back cover, but loud, so even putting the chance to oversleep the alarm clock under the pillow is minimal. At the bottom end also found a place for a USB-connector and a recess for removing the back cover.

    Yes, the cover on this device is removable. Material - plastic, ordinary and unremarkable rough plastic (at least in the black version). Under it, you can see a non-removable battery with a glued NFC antenna and one slot for Micro-SIM / MicroSD cards.

    In general, it's nice to see that the manufacturer paid attention to the little things. Since I can only compare with my previous device (Jiayu G4, review here, and here the operating experience), then first of all I want to note the strengthened USB-connector. If in G4 it was attached only by soldering, then here it is built into a plastic casing, which is part of the cover covering the electronics.

    Not for girls. Although the girls are also different, but still the majority does not recognize such a design (lack of design?). Personally, everything suits me, except for the size. I’m still waiting for a miracle from Uncle Liao - a compact (4-4.3 ") smartphone with a modern hardware platform, a good display and a fresh OS.


    The manufacturer set the display with HD resolution to reduce the cost of the device, but it's good! IMHO, even at 5 "a resolution of 1280x720 pixels is enough. Yes, I see the difference between this display and FullHD in the flagship device, but this difference is useless, absolutely useless. And with the usual HD display, in addition to reducing the cost of a smartphone, there are still pluses, such as increased autonomy and reducing the load on the GPU. The screen itself is juicy, bright, with excellent viewing angles.

    IPS-display is made using the familiar OGS technologyso that the picture remains readable in the sun. Regarding the protective coating, we can assume that this is Gorilla Glass III, because for more than a month of operation without additional protection, the glass remained pristine, plus the presence of an oleophobic coating, but there is no information on the origin of the display on the official website. At the same time, many sites indicate precisely the presence of GG III.

    The main thing is that the display, as well as its protective coating, cause only positive emotions.


    According to information from the manufacturer’s official website, both cameras of the smartphone are equipped with a Sony Exmor R sensor, only the front with a resolution of 2 MP, and the main 8 MP (maximum aperture is 2.2). I liked the standard camera application - simple, and most importantly fast. In addition to the automatic mode, it has 10 additional ones, including HDR, Panorama, etc. For those who are curious, manual ISO settings, changing the metering mode, white balance, etc. are also available.

    I personally rarely turn off the HDR mode only if I need to take a picture of a very fast-moving object. Below are some examples of photos from the main camera. Unfortunately, by my stupidity, all the pictures were originally taken in 2 MP resolution, but even with these photos you can evaluate the quality of the camera.

    One more photo:


    Shot Without HDR
    With a macro (including text), the InFocus M512 camera copes without problems:

    Another example:

    Nice camera, as for the representative of the budget sector.


    InFocus M512 runs on Android 4.4.2 with a custom shell, the name of which I still could not determine. The OS interface is “overpriced” beyond recognition + many “features” that are not present on Chinese devices with stock Android.

    To begin with, the smartphone does not have an application menu, after installation, the shortcuts immediately go to the desktop, like Xiaomi with its MIUI, Meizu with Flyme OS and other companies. :) Immediately the first cant: the more applications on the desktops - the more this whole thing slows down when turning over. It is decided by installing a custom launcher from the Play Market - I use Nova out of habit. All the necessary applications are available out of the box: be it a music or video player, utilities for working with notes, synchronization, etc. There are, however, annoying programs - Clean Master, which cannot be removed, constantly reminds you of a lack of memory in the status bar or DU Speed ​​Booster - no less annoying program.

    When you turn on the smartphone for the first time, “air” flies the software update, but ... is not installed. Those. the smartphone goes into reboot, unpacks the archive with firmware and gives an error. Repeated download did not bring any results.

    There are 5 types of display locks to choose from. From the standard “Slide to unlock”, you can launch any application pre-installed in the settings, launch the camera or Google Now. By the way, compared to my previous Jiayu G4, here you can get into the camera from the lock screen with a graphic code and take a picture.

    The notification bar is also changed. In fact, it is divided into 3 parts: shortcuts to quick access to the main settings of the smartphone (swipe left), constantly running applications and notifications themselves. Shortcuts can be “expanded” to a 4x4 matrix by pulling the corresponding slider and you can immediately edit the location of these elements.

    Buttons on the screen, which I personally initially caused discomfort, but eventually got used to it. The multitasking window is called up by double tap on the “Home” key, while to the left of it is the settings key. From here, or by holding your finger on the display, you can switch to desktop editing mode, Task Manager, or launcher settings. For fans of "whistle-blowers" a choice of 16 different animations change desktops.

    The keyboard is standard from Android, I did not like the fact that in the standard “dialer” there is no search for contacts in Russian - it is solved by installing a “dialer” from the Market with support for Russian T9. And in general, the smartphone’s localization was made obscene, periodically skipping phrases in Belarusian (?), Some menu items and settings in English.

    In the second screenshot, the ExDialer program
    In the settings, control was also found for the standard annoying applications of which I spoke above. In the "Notification" section, you can prohibit sending notifications to any applications, including default ones. A “Power saver” section was found nearby - a very successful implantation by the manufacturer, since often you need to install an additional application to acquire such functionality.

    The USB connection to the computer is represented by 4 modes, but in neither of them neither PC nor Mac see the internal memory, i.e. only the SD card is visible. Of the applications from Google, there is only Gmail, a calendar and the Play Market. I almost forgot, from the additional “features” of the mentioning system it’s worthy of controlling gestures, for example, with an incoming call it’s enough to turn the device lying on the table face down and the call will be dropped.

    Saw and saw this shell, if the manufacturer company wants to achieve any success in the sales of this smartphone. I was satisfied with the work of the OS, but nothing more. I was saddened by the inability to update by air, although a similar technology was incorporated into the device.


    InFocus M512 is built on the basis of the budget Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chip, which is installed in most devices of the middle price range of “branded” manufacturers. For fans of dry numbers below are the results of the AnTuTu Benchmark 5, 3DMark and Vellamo Mobile Benchmark tests:

    Charts + Epic Citadel Test:

    Nothing new, much less surprising. The performance is not stunning, but sufficient for most everyday tasks. Again, I repeat from article to article, synthetic indicators make it possible to distinguish a flagship from a budget device, no more. Regarding games, everything is in perfect order: Dead Trigger 2, GTA: SA, NFS: MW are launched and played, but with restrictions on the quality of the graphics. With prolonged operation of demanding applications, the upper part of the device heats up well, but within the normal range.

    More screenshots:

    Kingdom Rush is still one of the best representatives of the Tower Defense genre. I remember how there was no limit to my joy when this game was ported to Android OS in some century.

    In order to test the ability to play video in various resolutions, formats and codecs, the AnTuTu Video Tester program from the company of the same name was used. InFocus M512 coped with most varieties of video in FullHD resolution, while 4K smartphone did not succumb.

    Other formats:

    What is the advantage of Qualcomm's chipset is the stable operation of GPS. With an active Internet connection, a “cold” start takes standard 1.5-2 minutes, in the future satellite pickup occurs in a matter of seconds. Just in case, I walked down the street with a GPS tracker - deviations from the current course occasionally occurred, but not critical.

    A screenshot from the GPS Test was taken from the 11th floor of a twelve-story building (by the window).
    3G, Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies do not cause any complaints. The screenshot shows the value of the Wi-Fi network signal level at a distance of 7 meters from the source and with an obstacle in the form of a brick wall. Speedtest also showed a funny easter egg. :)


    Batteries with a capacity of 2500 mAh, according to the manufacturer, will be enough for 9 hours of continuous operation in GSM / 3G networks. In my operating conditions (GPS is active, Wi-Fi alternately with 3G are used to check social networks, mail + a few minutes of calls and up to an hour listening to music), the device stays alive until midnight. In a more relaxed mode (or resorting to the "Power Saver" mode), you can count on 1.5-2 days of operation. Antutu Tester confirms my words:

    From 10 to 90 percent, the smartphone’s battery from the complete PSU charges in 2 hours, and then another 40 minutes brings the value to 100%, which is typical for Li-ion batteries. In general, autonomy, although not impressive, is sufficient for most users, and the likelihood that the device will suddenly discharge in the middle of a working day is extremely low.


    InFocus is an excellent device with a set of all necessary functions at a reasonable price. It would seem that the disadvantages should be attributed to 1 GB of RAM, a 720p display (although I personally would have ranked this parameter only as pluses), but look at the price - there are no trivial competitors in the CIS market. The lack of a second SIM card slot and the presence of LTE are already controversial points, that the first thing is that not everyone needs the second. But on the plus side: GPS works perfectly (with some Chinese manufacturers MTK chips are still a lottery), good performance and overall quality of the device. It would be nice to finish the shell, and since the device is more or less branded, after all, Foxconn itself took patronage of InFocus, we can count on further work on the software. True,


    imageBuild quality
    imageDisplay (IPS, OGS, oleophobic coating)
    imageLatest OS version
    imageLoud speaker
    imageSupport for Russian 4G LTE
    imageGood GPS / GLONASS and wireless networks work
    imageLED indicator

    image“Raw” shell with a bunch of unnecessary software and periodically pop-up bugs


    You can buy a smartphone, for example, in the Pandawill online store with a black , white and turquoise (green, blue?) Back cover. It's funny that the latter will cost you $ 170, while the first two will cost $ 158. A fundamental difference between the two was not noticed, most likely the mark-up for the scarce coloring typical of Chinese shops.


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