Change of structure of sections on Habrahabr

    We made changes in the structure of the Habrahabr sections to make it even simpler and more convenient for daily use.
    So, from today on Habré:

    • In the “ Ribbon ” section (which is available only to registered users), the tabs for sorting publications “Zababerny / New / Okhabrennoe” are renamed to the more understandable tabs “Interesting” (with a rating of ≥ 7) and “Everything in a row” (for all time, not only for the last day; if you are subscribed to all the hubs, then this is the analogue of the “All Publications” section, which was earlier). At the same time, the site remembers which tab you were in - it will also be open the next time you enter the section.

    • Each hub has similar changes. Instead of sections (“Framed / New / Framed”), now “Interesting” (with a rating of ≥ -2), “Best” (with a rating of more than 50) and “Everything in a row”.

    • In the “ Publications ” section , sortings of publications into “Thematic” and “Corporate” are dismantled - now only sorting by rating: Best of the day / week / month / all the time .

    Thus, the structure of the site has become simpler and more understandable. We abandoned the old sortings, which the audience practically did not use and got rid of the jargon: now everywhere there are not “posts”, but “publications”. Not "haggard," but "interesting."

    There are now two subsections in the Sandbox section:

    • Expect an invite - a list of articles from read only site users who dream of becoming full members of the community. If you found an interesting article in this section and you suddenly have a free invite - do a good deed!

    • Received an invite - a list of articles whose authors have successfully passed the sandbox test.

    More of the changes:

    • The " Publications " section has an additional filter by category. The names of the categories are identical to the names of the main categories of hubs. The new filter allows you to sort and get, for example, a list of publications from all hubs in the " Programming " section .

    • Reworked custom ribbon customization page. Now you do not have to poke around in a narrow block of the right column, instead of it - a separate page with additional settings.

    • The manipulation of some users with karma and bots made us complicate the voting mechanism a bit. Now you can’t positively vote for the user's karma if there are no published posts on his account. Similarly, voting will not work if there is sufficient karma, but there are no published posts. Thus, now only those who have passed the test through posting publications on the site can influence the authors of published posts.

    • Numerous fixes for the layout of the site and our new postal digest.

    Best regards,
    Habrahabra team

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    Do you like the new navigation in Habr?

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    • 12.3% Still unusual, but overall like 355
    • 9.9% Used, but not like 286
    • 25.4% Dislike 732
    • 11.5% Still not decided 332
    • 6.3% Too complicated question for me 183
    • 17.1% I want to call a friend 492

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