Algorithm for accepting someone else's project or what to do when managers have a honeymoon

    “Yes, because I constantly do this” - Ivan Selikhovkin ( selikhovkin ) in response to the question why we will record a video on this topic.

    After the publication of the free course “Practical PMBoK in 2.5 hours”, we received a lot of questions about specifics from those who watched the course, and many questions and doubts from those who did not watch the course and generally doubts that the 2.5-hour course may contain something useful.

    In fact, everyone is right - because any topic of project management can be deepened for a long time, telling the story of each specific grave in the project cemetery, which became the basis for the same PMBoK.

    Therefore, from time to time, when a free minute is given, we do a deepening: we develop specific topics, talk about tools and try to answer questions. In the past, with the help of Ivan Selikhovkin (selihovkin), they dealt with the customer. In today's video, we decided to delve into the algorithm for entering an existing project:

    7 consecutive steps that a manager must go from his “honeymoon” to conclusions about what to do with the project next.

    We will be grateful if you supplement the algorithm with your cases or steps, or maybe. Share your own experience as you enter into existing projects.

    PS In the next video, we’re thinking about what to do and how to do it at the project planning stage.

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