Launch the 64-bit version of Chrome for Windows

Original author: Will Harris, software developer
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In June, we started testing the 64-bit version of Chrome for Windows. Until today, it was only available to Chrome Dev and Canary users, but now everyone else can install it! To do this, just download the 37 version of Chrome.

This version is even more speed, stability and security. Our research shows that the browser began to work with graphics and media content faster. For example, the VP9 decoder, used to compress HD video on YouTube, improved its performance by 15%. We also measured the stability of the 64-bit version - compared to the 32-bit version, it doubled when working with standard web content. In addition, security tools, such as Partition Alloc, are much more effective at protecting vulnerabilities from attacks that rely on a specific location of software objects in memory (in particular, they prevent a bug detected during the Pwn2Own 2014 contest ).

To enjoy all the benefits of the 64-bit version, go to the Chrome pageand click on the link “Windows (64 bits)”. If you want to upgrade Chrome for Business, download the 64-bit MSI package . Please note that the 64-bit version of Chrome lacks the NPAPI plugin. It can still be used in the 32-bit version - until we stop supporting the plugin.

We hope you enjoy the new version of Chrome. Install it and share your impressions . Your feedback will make Chrome even faster, safer, and more stable.

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