Looking for black holes and supernovae with the Black Holes web application

    Despite the fact that the topic of space is now very popular, real people (albeit technically advanced) have little knowledge about our universe. Of course, the popularizers of astronomy are trying to correct this situation.

    It is clear that reading books on astronomy, albeit entertaining, will be far from all - either there is not enough time, then desire. But there are other ways to attract interested: for example, using an interactive application, you can attract to the study of astronomy, basic concepts, not only fans of science about the universe, but also ordinary geeks.

    Not so long ago , an interesting web application appeared on the Web , which allows you to interactively explore the space around us: stars, planets, man-made satellites of the Earth and everything else.

    At the same time, the study can be carried out without a telescope; modern technologies allow this to be done. There is a map of the starry sky, with various objects hidden among stars and planets. There are also various ways to study the sky: X-rays, radio waves, visible light.

    By directing our instrument, a small circle, to a certain part of the sky, we can find various objects that are not visible in one spectrum and visible in another. In this case, you can find planets, stars, planetary nebulae, Supernovae and all other inhabitants of the Universe, with a detailed, by the way, description of each object.

    Unfortunately, all this is in English, but interactivity will also help those who do not know English.

    And yes, here is another link to this application, maybe someone can make an analogue in Russian?

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