Bain Capital and Huawei for two acquire 3Com

    Recently it became known that the well-known manufacturer of network solutions company 3Com was sold for $ 2.2 billion to Chinese Huawei Technologies and Hong Kong-based investment company Bain Capital. Strongly losing ground to competitors from Cisco, 3Com will now be 80% owned by Bain Capital and 20% Huawei.

    Apparently, 3Com prompted the sale of shares of owners to three years of work at a loss and unsuccessful attempts by management to win back positions lost in the market confrontation with Cisco. However, Bain Capital CEO Jonathan Zhu believes that 3Com has every chance to stay afloat, as it has a “strong position in the market” and a “serious potential for growth”.
    The completion of the transaction is planned for early 2008.

    via Eweek , Physorg

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