Friesling, sport for single


    It is known that Shaquille O'Neill is so fast that he can pass the pass to himself. But even this ingenious quality will not make the game of basketball with itself an exciting occupation. Group sport with yourself is generally a problem. But, as usual, only not for Japanese scientists .

    The tireless experimenters from Tokyo developed "Frisbee for the lonely." Novelty combines a Frisbee flying saucer and a yoyo toy . The uncomplicated mechanism returns the plate directly to the thrower. Almost eliminated the risk of losing the plate, or throwing it somewhere, without the hope of getting it back.

    In frislinga(that’s what this funny thing is called) there is another attractive feature: exercising with it in a public park will surely attract the attention of others. Who knows, maybe this particular attention will be the first step to communication and making friends with whom freesling is not needed.

    More pictures of the "shell" - in my blog .

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