Girls from Softula

    This week, from October 2 to 5, in Moscow the All-Russian Exhibition Center hosts the largest in Russia exhibition of computer and information technologies (mainly in the field of software) SofTool-2007 .

    It should be noted that software, with all its diversity, is not very rich in the visual plan (except, perhaps, for games). Since attracting and entertaining visitors with banners and logos that they have already seen is problematic, the exhibitors are using the well-known trick - they attract girls to work on their stands. These are spectacular stand-makers, attracting people to “their own” exposition, and promoters with a simpler look, launched “in the field” to distribute advertising materials to exhibition visitors, and business-like, strictly dressed women consultants, whom many guests turn to more readily, than to men.

    I like this approach of the exhibition participants: not all the same talking about boxes, megabytes, licenses, releases, etc. I immediately wanted to make a photo report about the exhibition with this ... mmm ... specificity. :-)

    The main participant of the exhibition, as well as last year, was 1C company , which organized a large-scale exposition divided into “business” and “gaming” zones. The latter, of course, was more spectacular. Since this year the sequel to the game "Four-wheel drive: UAZ 4 × 4", which is called " Four-wheel drive 2: HUMMER ", is released, the  combat UAZ at stand 1C was replaced by "Hammer". Well, and to “Hammer” - 2 pretty stand-up women: But then it was even cooler. On the other side of the booth, the guests were met by such an elven queen: Live impresses - personally, I could not help exclaiming admiration! Near 1C - ASP Linux



    . However, I’m not entirely sure who owns the stand: Usergate, 1C, ASP Linux and Acronis are visible on two linear meters. A kind of seal. :-) Small dealers of serious software had no time to invite spectacular models and promoters to their booth: they talked with might and main to guests who showed great interest in their products. This is the Eset stand (NOD32 antivirus): and this is Kerio : The “ Consultant Plus ” exposition , although inferior in scale to 1C, looked quite impressive. Not without the girls (I’d like to add: “they are holding a circular defense” :-). RadiusGroup

    ASP Linux


    Consultant +

    dressed her promoters in costumes stylized in the 18th century. I do not know what this meant in the context of Softula, but the ladies did not go unnoticed by visitors to the exhibition. Cognitive Technologies  is a solid positive: The red color at the ABBYY stand (the highlight of the program, of course, the new FineReader 9.0) was everywhere. And on the hair of their promoters (left), too: In general, the live ABBYY girls looked so easy to die. Atas! It was possible to leave the exposition only with the help of willpower. But with this bright trinity ( ) there’s just some kind of mysticism: I photographed them three times at different times (for the third time we’ve already met them as a native), and the photos were still blurry. Apparently, from such a spectacle, the camera lenses moved out into a bunch.


    Cognitive technologies




    After the third unsuccessful photo, one of the girls put forward a good idea: “If you take a picture with us, everything must work out. True [look at the ring on my ring finger] what will your wife say? ” What the wife will say - I decided not to check it, I publish a photo of AS IS - it hurts the girls colorful and pleasant in communication. :-)

    Richly presented at the exhibition and online software stores. Here, for example, Softkey : And this is Allsoft.Ru , at the booth of which there were always crowds wanting to participate in a quiz on the topic of licensed software. As you can see, things are going fine :-) I also heard for the first time about the Softway store . It's nice that I heard from such charming girls. :-)




    And the Linux representatives are serious: we need to promote the Alt Linux 4.0 OS family  : Leaving the exhibition, a farewell look at the Galaxy : space and height are felt empty :-)

    Alt linux


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