Hoverbike: flying vehicles are becoming more real

    On Habré, flying vehicles have been mentioned several times, including a flying motorcycle from Chris Eloy. Back in 2011, this engineer introduced his own version of a flying motorcycle, Hoverbike, and now he is raising funds for the industrial implementation of his project.

    A version of Drone 3 is now ready, 1/3 of the actual size, showing the reality of the project itself. Instead of a person, a plastic model, similar to a robot, rides on a test version.

    As already mentioned, Chris Ella has long been fired up with the idea of ​​creating an air vehicle, inexpensive and individual. Prototypes showed that the project is quite real, but, of course, all this costs money.

    And Chris decided to raise money on Kickstarter in order to finally implement his project, and begin to produce personal air motorcycles for everyone. Contributions can be made any, starting from 1 pound. The flying transport model, Drone 3, can be obtained for a fee of 900 pounds or more.

    For 2,000 pounds, a contributor will be invited to England, accommodated in a 5-star hotel, and will introduce the project to the workshop, allowing him to ride a full-scale version of Hoverbike. To launch the release of full-fledged Hoverbike transporters, Chris hopes for the money earned from the sale of Drone 3.

    A full-fledged Hoverbike can be used as a vehicle, both for entertainment and for any kind of work. Chris himself is an Australian, so he sees one of the applications for Hoverbike - transport for ranchers :)

    Via popsci

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