Facebook class action lawsuit supported by over 60,000 people

    In 2011, Max Schrems, a law student at the University of Vienna, started an unequal battle with Facebook. To begin with, he sent several well-written requests and made sure that from the central office he was sent a CD-ROM with all the personal data collected over the three years of his activity on the site.

    Max Shrems received a PDF of more than 1,200 pages , all the information in the file was divided into 57 categories (work, education, friends, political views, hobbies, photos, etc.). According to Max, even the KGB did not have such a complete dossier on citizens. But the most surprising is that, among other things, the sent file included deleted messages, chat sessions, names of former friends and other data marked deleted: true.

    To date, Max Schrems has initiated a class action lawsuit against Facebook in the Vienna Regional Court. The lawsuit has already joined 60,000 people from 100 countries . Each of them claims compensation in the amount of 500 euros.

    As part of the lawsuit, Facebook is accused of violating citizens' rights to confidentiality of information, including transferring personal data of users to US law enforcement agencies under the PRISM program.

    The Vienna Regional Court has already accepted the case and confirmed that representatives of Facebook (a subsidiary in Ireland) will be summoned as a defendant in the case. You can join the class action on this page .

    The Vienna Regional Court has the right to satisfy the claim if no response is received from the defendant. If each of 60,000 people receives compensation, the total amount of payments will be 30 million euros.

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