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    As you know, on October 26, 2014 at 2 a.m. we again set the time. There will be no patch for Windows XP for obvious reasons, for supported OS the patch is expected 2 weeks before date X. This post is dedicated to XP users and those who want to check everything in advance.

    Hand-assembled using Tzedit (not from Microsoft, he does not understand Dynamic DST, but with this ) time zones for the whole of Russia for Win7 and XP are here .

    So far, only very preliminary testing, on Vista, 8, has not been tested by servers (but should be suitable), and I checked these very conditionally, I could get confused with transitions somewhere. Some technological software 100% of them will be broken. It is very likely that somewhere my opinion about the transition and time zones will not coincide with the future opinion of Microsoft when they release the patch. For XP, then you can simply import part of the registry from Win7. All the information below is for those who want to test their software in advance, or if the patch will not be released on time for various reasons, and someone else will be interested in the topic of time transfer among the surrounding nuclear ash.

    Those who wish can test or start collecting their own, after making a backup copy of the contents of HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Time Zones. Do not forget that after editing the timezone data in the repository, you still need to apply it by selecting another zone, applying it, and then choosing the correct one, or from the command line (Win 7 out of the box, Vista after kb2556308 - tzutil.exe / s “Russian Standard Time ", For XP control.exe timedate.cpl ,, / Z Russian Standard Time). Do not forget about UAC on Win 7, assign changes to computer policies.

    Since on Vista + Russian (as well as in any other language) names are protected in tzres.dll, digitally signed, and I can’t change them - in order not to be misled by the old names, I delete all the keys with links to the MUI names. True, TZEdit gets a little worse after this, with the rest there were no problems. If the deletion prevented someone, remove all keys of the form “MUI_Display” = - “MUI_Dlt” = - “MUI_Std” = - from the file. In addition, I see no reason to make another file with English zone names for English-language distributions - whoever feels some aesthetic incorrectness, let him do it himself.

    To understand what is changing and how much, apart from the general file, there are separate ones for each time zone, in the format <new UTC offset> - zone name (change from the old one), for example, 03-Russian Standard Time (-1) .reg. For regions that change the time zone in an unusual way, three separate zones that do not exist before this are created, for all the name begins with an exclamation point -! 07-Kemerovo (0) .reg,! 08-Chita (-2) .reg,! 11-UTC11 (-1) .reg - it makes sense to set them up for automatic transition on the night of the 26th day, then replace them with the standard ones for the zone and forget it like a nightmare.

    I do not claim that Microsoft will make the transition in this way (anyone interested - see dynamic dst transitions in other countries, everything is quite obvious there), so before the official patch everything is at your own peril and risk. Everything related to XP corresponds to Windows Server 2003 (accurate to the language); everything related to Vista / 7 should be suitable for Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 and later.

    To support Dynamic DST on XP, there should be an update of the 2007 timezone KB931836 or higher, if you switched correctly in 2012, you have it; for Vista for the availability of tzutil.exe to automate the installation of timezones there should be an update kb2556308 - most likely you also have it.

    Law of 2014 ;
    Act 2011 ;
    Squeezes who-where;
    TheoryDynamic DST
    (in XP / 2003 Dynamic DST has been supported since 2007 and KB931836, alas, no on Win2k);
    TZEdit utility with support for Dynamic DST;
    Theory for developers ;
    Timezone selection from the command line ;
    Good post about changing time zones 2011.

    Comments, suggestions are welcome.

    UPD As promised, patch kb2998527 was released.

    UPD 2 As it turned out, support for Dynamic DST in XP / 2003 is incomplete, so that there is no unforeseen movement of the clock hands on the night of January 6-7, certain actions must be taken .

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