Mail.Ru Group took a few tens of liters to the chest

    Mail.Ru Group did not fear the call thrown to us by Badoo and Yandex. For the honor of the company in the most difficult world battle Ice Bucket Challenge stood: pr_a_tak , yeah_boss , pkruglov , oparinov , AndrewSumin , viacheslavnu , as well as their friends and relatives.

    This event took place on the roof of the Mail.Ru Group building, and some “fighters” came with children who happily took part in the entertainment of their parents. Not every day is brought in such a fun way to help save the lives and health of other people. Respect and respect to all participants! And they didn’t skimp on donations: in addition to the anti-ALS fund, the Mail.Ru Group will transfer additional funds to the funds participating in the Welcome Mail.Ru project .

    If anyone else is not in the know, the Ice Bucket Challenge is such a fundraising campaign to combat ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis . A rare ailment today is incurable, one of its victims is Stephen Hawking.

    And finally: we challenge the teams of three companies - Kaspersky Labs, HeadHunter and VKontakte to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge! So be it, in honor of the weekend we give you 48 hours. :)

    UPDATE: there was a response from VKontakte, as well as photos from two other teams!

    UPDATE2: response from HeadHunter

    UPDATE3: response from Kaspersky Lab

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