Two DataPro Specialists Receive Accredited Tier Specialist Certifications

    Two representatives of DataPro, Technical Director Vladimir Skorobogatov and Production Director Vladimir Muravyov, successfully completed training at the Uptime Institute (UI) and received Accredited Tier Specialist certificates.

    The content of the course at which Uptime specialists trained included two standards: Topology and Operational Sustainability. The course teaches the correct application of these standards and helps to avoid mistakes in building a data center and its further operation. First of all, the UI course is designed for operation managers and those who are responsible for the construction of a data center.

    The course in classical English was taught by the current consultant of the Uptime Institute, Alfonso Aranda. The duration of training was two days, and included daily 5 sessions of 1.5 hours each. In the classroom, practical exercises on the course were worked out. On the third day, an examination of knowledge was conducted in the form of tests. Individual tickets included 50 questions, each of which provided 4 answer options. To pass the exam required the correct answers to 35 questions, which is about 70% of the correct answers.

    As a result of training by DataPro specialists, it was possible to learn how to correctly apply UI standards, as well as get acquainted with the best world practices in order to further use the acquired knowledge in their work.

    “The training was excellently organized,” says Vladimir Muravyov, Production Director at DataPro. Questions could be asked during the lectures and in breaks. The lecturer was competent enough, friendly and no problems in communication. Listeners asked a lot of questions from the field. The lecturer tried in detail to answer all the questions. Simultaneous translation was performed by a specialist who is fluent in the material, so that the language barrier did not arise. ”

    DataPro company needed such training, since the process of organizing the operation service is currently underway, regulations and instructions are being improved, and personnel are being trained. In addition, both process sites will undergo a process of certification of operational stability for compliance with the Tier Standard Operational Sustainability in the future.

    Data centers are an area of ​​activity that needs high-level professionals with in-depth knowledge and extensive practical experience. UI courses are one of the sources of excellence and successful hands-on experience. At the same time, the Accredited Tier Specialist standard, strictly speaking, is recommendatory in nature and is not a strict requirement.

    Worldwide, the number of specialists who have received the Accredited Tier Specialist certificate does not exceed 750 people. Of these, no more than 40 people have such a certificate in Russia.

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