On Habr built in support of Ivideon or How to improve posts by means of live broadcasting

    Few people know, but Ivideon has a very useful and completely free feature that allows you to open access to the camera and integrate it into your website or blog in just a couple of clicks. And you probably still do not know that now Ivideon video broadcasts can be built directly into posts on Habré. As, for example, this camera is now built in not far from the Crimea and Miami:

    To embed a camera in a post or comment on Habr, simply connect it to Ivideon and use the standard Video tag:

    Attention! There are many cameras under the cut.

    Why is this needed? Of course, Habr is more about texts with a longer shelf life - some posts left unattended can gain double or triple views from the original number in a year or two. But nevertheless there is also a place for live broadcast on Habré. Having thought a little, I want to offer a couple of ideas how using video broadcasts you can improve Habr, your blog or post:

    1. Online lectures with comments and questions on Habr

    2. The section "Offices of IT-companies" can be revived by broadcasts from these same offices.

    3. What do you say if you show live experiments in the Physics hub , a kind of back to school with the involvement of the Habr audience in the process? Remember the experiment with an incubator or cell phone in oil ?

    4. Live Gadget Reviews - Could It Be Interesting? Say for an express review from the premiere of the gadget.

    5. Welcome . The format that was invented a couple of years ago was a little dumb - will it become livelier if you gather not only offline, but also in a specially equipped post for this?

    6. Webinars and master classes. It is no secret that different companies and specialists are interested in contact with habrauditorium. So why don’t they organize webinars right on Habré? After all, coverage is guaranteed to be higher than if you simply announce on Habré a webinar that will be held on some other venue.

    7. "I am PR." Will this hub be better if, instead of pre-prepared advertising texts, make presentations in real time?

    8. And there, you look, and in the Cosmonautics hub it will be possible to show rocket launches live.

    By the way, do not forget that interesting cameras with a good description very quickly leave the page of your blog and "crawl" on social networks. Since users really want to share really good cameras with their friends. Almost anything can work

    as a video source for Ivideon :

    1. computer with webcam
    2. external web or IP camera
    3. analog video recorder (DVR)
    4. IP Camera with Built-in Ivideon Cloud Support

    In the first three cases, you will need the Ivideon Server application installed on the computer / server: it will recognize the camera among the available devices, and connect the camera to the cloud via an encrypted channel.

    In the latter case, you do not even need a computer running Ivideon Server. There are both indoor indoor cameras and outdoor options. Moreover, some of them have built-in ability to connect via 3G or Yota by installing the appropriate USB-modem.

    Use on health.

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