New Cisco Security Courses

    Recently, with the advent of new mobile devices and ways to connect to the network, we are witnessing a change in the way users work. More and more employees are demanding the ability to work with corporate resources from anywhere and from any device. We receive mail on a mobile phone, work with a corporate portal while at the airport, and connect to a working desktop from home. Networks have lost their boundaries; they have gone beyond office buildings. Cisco has specially developed a network architecture (concept), called Borderless Networks - Networks without Borders. Within the framework of this concept, it is supposed to provide the ability to connect to the corporate network at any time, anywhere, from any device, by any user. Naturally, ensuring the security of such connections is a critical factor.

    Cisco has been offering various network security solutions for a long time: specialized equipment, built-in capabilities of routers and switches, software, and much more. Recent products fully follow the concept of networks without boundaries. How to provide the ability to safely connect to the corporate network from any device, from anywhere and at any time is discussed in the new CCNP Security course track.

    The track includes four courses that can be divided into the following areas:
    • Secure Access (SISAS)
    • Perimeter Protection (SENSS)
    • Mobile Security (SIMOS)
    • Threat Protection (SITCS)

    Secure access. The course covers the Cisco ISE product, which allows authentication and authorization of users, device profiling, etc. The main topics are 802.1X and EAP. The purpose of the course is to learn how to provide the ability to connect from any device, anytime, from anywhere. But only in accordance with the company's security policy. For example, you can access any network resources from a corporate laptop, and only Internet access from a mobile phone.

    Perimeter protection.The methods of protecting the network from both external and internal threats are considered. Configuring Firewall, protecting network devices, NAT, filtering bot-no traffic and much more. All these protective measures can be implemented not only on specialized equipment, such as ASA, but also on routers and switches based on IOS.

    Protection of mobile solutions. The goal of the course is to learn how to securely transfer data from public networks using VPN. The course covers both cross-site connections and remote access. Learning technologies: IPSec VPN, FlexVPN, DMVPN, SSL VPN, AnyConnect VPN. These solutions are configured on both ASA and IOS devices.

    Threat ProtectionThe course will teach you how to reduce risks in relation to your IT infrastructure and applications, using the capabilities of next-generation firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, email security systems and the web. Products that are covered: ASA, Cisco Web Security Appliance, Cisco Cloud Web Security, Cisco Email Security Appliance, IPS.

    All these courses provide all the necessary knowledge to provide comprehensive network protection within the framework of the "Networks without Borders" concept.

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