Junior required


    Habrahabr is a resource for professional it-specialists. We are united by the fact that we started our profession from the very basics. They asked stupid questions, walked sad over simple problems, made a lot of mistakes. But this only spurred our interest, made us stay awake at night, rarely eat, and hardly see my family. The result - many of us can rightly be called professional specialists.

    I think the best training is theory + practice, or rather, at the primary level, you can get by with practice, but switching from junior to middle without a theory is impossible. So, finding a job as a junior is pretty hard. And even more difficult if you are not a student, look askance at a 35-year-old accountant, with a resume on a junior javascript developer. So, a standard vicious circle, practical skills are needed to get a job, and where to get them (?) If you need to get a job ...

    Here’s a small selection of vacancies for beginning it-specialists.

    But most importantly, I urge the habr-people to share possible vacancies in your team, and maybe even under your personal authority. In order to become a real pro, you have to teach someone (truth-truth).

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