Useful materials for the mobile developer # 66 (August 11-17)

    Mid-August is a slight lull in development. Nevertheless, we still have the SDK and architecture features YotaPhone, a tutorial on SpriteKit, FAQ on programming for Android, research on mobile advertising and the Japanese market. Have a good application!

    SDK and YotaPhone Architecture Features

    Today we will tell you about the features of application development for YotaPhone and the tools we created for this.

    Creating a game on the Sprite Kit engine (Part 1)

    With the advent of iOS 7, the world saw a new game engine from Apple - SpriteKit. In light of the fact that he appeared recently, little has been written about this engine, of course, you can find several tutorials on the network on it, but basically they are all in English. And for this I set out to write a detailed Tutorial about this wonderful engine.

    As I entered the mobile gaming market, stood and left

    I developed a small arkanoid game. About a year ago, I prepared a short report on this and presented it to my colleagues. The report covers all four stages that I had to go through: preparation, development, publication and after publication. Today I want to share this story with you.



    Windows phone


    Marketing and monetization



    Worst of the Wicked

    Last week’s digest . If I missed something in the search for updates - send it to the mail, I will quickly add it.

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