Twitter is about to declare war on the Trolls

    “We will not tolerate this kind of abuse!” Said Twitter Harvey’s director of security and trust, with these words. A statement was made shortly after Robin Williams' daughter, actress Zelda Williams, “deleted” her Twitter blog due to a massive attack by trolls that offend the memory of her deceased father.

    “We have suspended a number of accounts that have been found to be in violation of our policies, and we are evaluating how we can change our policies to help users in a tragic situation like this,” Harvey said in a statement to ABC News.
    How exactly Twitter management plans to support users in trouble is not yet clear, but the statement came out formidably.

    Let me remind you that after the death of millions of beloved actor Robin Williams, his daughter Zelda (named by her parents in honor of Princess Zelda from the Zelda Legend video game series) began to receive thousands of insults on Twitter and Instagram. Zelda even turned to her readers for help, asking them to complain to the moderators about the trolls, but this did not save. After some time, the young actress could not stand it and deleted twitter from all devices.

    Question to Habr - is it possible to come up with a real mechanism to combat trolls in social networks? Today, the only way out in such cases is not to read replays. But then thousands of words of support will not be noticed. Just block all the trolls, I think it won’t work.

    source abc

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