Opera Developer 25 or Bookmark Return 2

    In today's test build of Opera Developer 25,  we are showing for the first time a new bookmark manager interface that will appear in the browser in addition to the bookmarks bar we released first. According to numerous applications, of course. The most perspicacious of you could already see this manager before, but this time it is turned on by default in the settings, which means that it is already ready enough to show it in a test build.

    Bookmark Menu

    The first thing you will probably notice is the new Bookmarks menu. This is how it looks on Windows and Mac:

    In this menu, the most familiar way for you to store bookmarks, in folders or without them, as you prefer. To get to bookmarks, you must, as before, press Ctrl Dor Cmd D, but you can also click on in the address bar, which will open a pop-up with a preview of the page (you can choose the best option) and with the ability to select a folder. Please note that the interface of bookmarks and adding popups is still under development and in the final version may look completely different. But we still decided to show it to you so that you understand the general direction of our thoughts and work.

    Of the other innovations in the assembly: improved support for HiDPI, H.264 and MP3 and much more, see morein the change list . Download, try, tell:

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