Top 10 games and Top 10 applications for Ubuntu according to the UALinux repository

    Somehow on Habré two years ago there was some news ( 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ) about the Top10 of popular games and applications in one of the third-party repositories for Ubuntu, and after that the publications about other tops of games and applications didn’t come across much more .
    I decided again to look at them and see how things are, and here are some interesting changes I noticed:
    - now the most popular ones are published on the main page of the repository - but the last ones downloaded or updated in the repository.
    - and on the title pages of games and applicationspopularity is now determined not by the number of pages viewed, as it was before, but by the rating of your votes.

    I decided not to write about new programs that were added from these two years, because I think there are a lot of them, but I decided to share a list of 10 popular applications and games at the moment.

    As it turned out, in the positions of the most popular games and applications, programs oriented for our smallest users are in the lead!
    In first place in the games is an art game for young children , which includes several tasks. draw a funny face for potatoes - KTuberling . While Team Tactical Shooter with Great Realism - Urban Terrorwith a delay of three times (!) He was in second place.

    In the tops of applications, the situation is similar:
    In the first place: Drawing program for children - Draw with Tux! , and in my opinion, an interesting program for watching online TV channels via the Internet - Parom TV turned out to be in third place and again with a three times lag in the number of votes ...

    So, what kind of picture did users of their resource like in the end we observe:

    Top 10 games
    1. Potato guy - A game with pictures for children
    2. Urban Terror - a multiplayer game in the genre of "first-person shooter"
    3.Danger from the deep - a simulator of a submarine from World War II
    4. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - three-dimensional tactical first-person shooter
    5. Sonic Robo Blast 2 - 3D implementation of the game Sonic from Sega
    6. Tile Racer - 3D stunt racing
    7 . Minetest - game genre "sandbox" with a first-person, an analogue of the game MineCraft
    8. Heroes of Newerth - DoTA like real-time strategy
    9. StuntRally - racing on closed tracks with rally stunt elements
    10. 0 the AD - military and economic

    Top 10 Application Strategy
    1.Draw with Tux! - a drawing program for children
    2. Photo camera Cheese - take photos and videos from a web camera
    3. Parom TV - watch TV channels online through the Internet
    4. Rainlendar2 - Customizable desktop calendar
    5. GNOME ALSA Mixer - ALSA sound mixer
    6. GIMP - a powerful analogue of Adobe Photoshop
    7. ImageWriter - a utility for writing IMG files to a USB flash
    8. KTouch - keyboard simulator
    9. mintstick - formatting a USB flash drive
    10. Ubuntu After Install- Ubuntu setup after installation

    In general, the rating is built - food for thought is presented.
    We look, vote and change the statistics :)
    Well, if you have Ubuntu or a derivative, then we connect, install and try.

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