Using Elementary OS (or other Ubuntu derivatives)? Do not upgrade to Natty!

Original author: Richard Lyon (OMG! Ubuntu)
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If you are a user of a Ubuntu-based distribution such as Elementary OS, it’s better to wait a bit before doing a software update or clicking something marked “update” - this could damage your system!

The following notice is posted on :
... Elementary OS Jupiter users may be notified of an upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04. We urge you not to do this, because the [...] upgrade process may render your installed system unusable.

This tip may apply to other Ubuntu-derived distributions, such as Linux Mint, so check your distribution’s website before starting to upgrade it.

Why did you get such a problem?

Natty has brought a large number of new features to the Ubuntu workspace, and is it most likely that these changes resulting from Unity will lead to problems for distributions based on Gnome 2.

Do you have any problems during the upgrade process? Tell us in the comments.

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