FbBusiness - The First Facebook Business Center

    imageEvery day, social networks grow, absorbing more areas of our lives. Of course, Facebook is the leader in this industry. According to experts, by 2012 more than 78% of companies will spend a lot of money on advertising and promotion on Facebook, so it is not difficult to predict that the Facebook platform will become the main tool for a successful business.

    We all know that Facebook is a fairly young network, so there are updates almost every week, such changes do not always please marketers or developers. They always have to search through a bunch of information resources in search of optimal business strategies with new updates on Facebook. There are blogs and forums on Facebook marketing on the Internet, dozens of developers develop new business applications for Facebook every day, but this entire flow of information risks passing by people who may need it.

    Unlike Facebook, Twitter has such information resources as Twitter for Business and OneForty.where the user can find out in one place about new applications or tools, without spending a lot of time searching for information.

    It seemed strange to us that so far the Social Network No1 did not have such a center for business where entrepreneurs could find in one place everything they need for successful Facebook marketing. Therefore, we decided to take the initiative and create such a resource. FbBusiness

    For this, we have selected in our opinion the ideal domain that will reflect the main essence of the project. We divided the site into several sections so that everyone could find what he is looking for.

    For example, in the Mindmap sectionwe have collected and will be collecting with the help of mental maps all the most useful articles, instructions, tips, video tutorials on Facebook marketing. Every day we track blogs and resources of the best Facebook experts, select the most useful and update our map. In the future, we plan to do our own instructions and screencasts, but at the moment we do not have enough resources for this.

    In the Projects section, businesses can find facebook developers for their projects or developers can find projects for themselves.

    In the Discussions section, we hope that all businesses will solve certain problems with working with facebook, develop strategies or simply share their successes, discuss new updates on Facebook and more.

    Well, the most important section is the Marketplace. Here we will update daily the list of all business applications, plugins, scripts, tools, as well as templates for facebook pages. In general, you can find everything you need for successful marketing on Facebook with us.

    As you probably already noticed that the resource is more focused on an English-speaking audience, and you probably wondered why all this is on a hub There are several reasons for this: After we went through several startup resources, for example, KillerStartupswe received hundreds of reviews and all are positive, everyone agrees that such a resource is needed and that we would not stop. But unfortunately (and maybe fortunately :)) we did not receive a single criticism, although we ourselves know that we have many shortcomings and much more needs to be done, but we would like for us to be appreciated by the habrasociety, your opinion is very important Perhaps you will have some ideas or development tips, maybe something is missing for you.

    Secondly, we want to invite developers of business applications for Facebook, scripts, plugins, as well as designers who may want to make and sell templates for fan pages through our resource for cooperation. It’s also possible that we will be interested in investors, we still have some ideas for development and functionality, and for this we may need a little more money (although we can do without investments since we started the current month but already raised good money)

    В In general, we are waiting for your comments and comments on our resource and thank you in advance for your time.

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