Happy New Year 2013!

    Dear Habrausers!

    Happy New Year 2013! May in the New Year you have good luck in business and dreams come true! We wish you joy, success, fresh ideas and new plans!


    The outgoing year 2012 was eventful, we began to share more information, tell tips & tricks on working with our products, and began to answer your questions. If you look at the year in numbers, you’ll get almost a post a day, and for the whole year it was published:

    - 296 publications
    - 9115 votes
    - 14021 add to favorites

    Nearly 4,500 people subscribed to our corporate blog, our friends only have more from Yandex. If you have not signed up yet (but still want to), then you can do this from the pagehabrahabr.ru/company/microsoft/blog or from any of our posts (the subscribe button will be in the right column).

    Most popular post of the year: SkyDrive cloud storage received a big update - 59,738 views

    Most discussed posts:
    - Viral video from IE team about browser haters - 228 comments
    - Hyper-V 3.0 against ... Or suicidal holivor - 143 comments
    - 7 steps to prepare for IE10 and Windows 8 - 107 comments

    All the best in 2013! Stay with us, we are waiting for a lot of interesting things in the new year! And if you want to share something with us or wish, comments on the post are always open :)

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