New Year Reporting Habrapost

    Dear hawkers! First of all, let me wish you a Happy New Year and wish you all, as they say, good! Let me also briefly introduce you to some of the numbers with which our Intel hubblog came to the new year. Briefly, 40 kilobytes, I will write down the most interesting blog statistics for 2012 and name the most-his posts in various categories: the most read, commented, short, visual and so on.

    So, dear Habr colleagues! With a feeling of deep satisfaction, I want to note that in 2012 the team of our blog did a great job. In total, our 29 authors released 109 posts with a total volume of almost 800 kilobytes.. I note that all the content was completely original - no copy-paste! Let's pat the most prolific authors invited: nE0 , vilianov , hshhhhh and Intel employees: vikky13 , Terror , yurav and vtsymbal . About myself, I, as the director of the house of culture of the editor, modestly keep silent.
    Some more statistics. This year's blog posts contain 569 illustrations and 13 videos . In total for the year we earned 2741 plus (including minuses). Our posts have commented 3211 times and6532 times added to your favorites - and these numbers, as you know, will still increase. Well, now our champions:

    And here are a few other champions in different categories:

    Well, if there are champions, then there are, of course, lagging behind in various positions. We will not hide our shortcomings, especially since for the most part the shortcomings in these posts can be said not.

    Now again about the good. I want to share with you our main joy - over the course of the year, the Intel blog posts earned more than one and a half million views ! Can you imagine how much this is? So I do not either. And the number of blog subscribers has increased by more than one thousand five hundred . This means that we write for good reason. And that means that we will write not in vain in the next year. Well, we invite everyone to come to us.

    All with the past holidays!

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