Nokia Ovi Browser Application Overview

    Good afternoon, dear Khabrovites! Today we will talk about the most massive mobile platform - S40 - and the innovations that will be received by phone users and application developers.

    The modern Internet is full of "heavy" elements: on many pages you can find animated banners, complex scripts, large images or pop-up menus. All this is an inaccessible level for a regular browser. To help S40 users, a special application was created - Nokia Ovi Browser, which will replace the old S40 Browser in all future devices of the company.

    The new browser for the most popular mobile platform will allow phone owners to conveniently browse websites without wasting extra traffic and without straining hardware in the phone: most of the data will be processed and converted by Nokia servers, and users will see an already processed version of the site, pure HTML. During processing, almost all heavy content (scripts, multimedia) will be compressed, while the traffic savings reach 90% compared to conventional mobile browsers.

    Despite the compression and processing, the pages will display correctly, on the servers their contents are optimized for the resolution of the device. In the settings, you can switch from viewing full pages to an alternative mode: all content will be shown in one column.

    The main menu has everything you need: important sites, social networks, entertainment, news, information, travel, Nokia services. Pages are categorized so users won’t get lost in the abundance of links. The history is saved to the left of the menu, and favorite sites (bookmarks / favorites) can be added to the right. You can navigate through the menu using the navigation keys or the touch screen (for S40 touch and type devices). At the top there is an address bar and a quick search, they give tips on recently entered and popular queries.

    Now it's time for the release, but the full version of Ovi Browser is just the first improvement.

    S40 capabilities will be expanded not only with the new browser, but also with special web applications (Web Apps)Suitable for a wide range of devices. They are easy to develop and convenient to use: games, clients for working with popular sites and social networks. This will require the creation of only one version of the application, suitable for any compatible phone.

    Web Apps work through Ovi Browser and are also processed on the server, which allows you to apply eye-pleasing effects and create equally convenient access to Internet services for high-end and low-end S40 devices. In fact, the application is created once, with the main focus on the design, and then Nokia servers will ensure that the content is displayed correctly.

    One of the most famous web applications is the mobile version of Wikipedia. With this application, you can quickly find the necessary articles and easily view images, and compression technologies will help users not to spend extra money on mobile Internet. The development of Symbian S40 Web Apps is based on Web Tools , a software environment available for Windows, Ubuntu Linux 10.4, and Mac OS X 10.5 / 10.6. The standard SDK for web applications includes several ready-made sample applications (for example, an RSS reader). Built on the well-known Eclipse and Aptana platforms, the development environment includes all the necessary tools that will allow you to create mobile applications faster and easier, and then compile them and send them to the Ovi Store

    . The developer selects the entire content of such applications, which allows you to add third-party advertising APIs with support for geolocation and other personal data to display targeted advertising in web applications.

    In the process of creation, a detailed emulator is available for developers, which allows you to check functions without having a mobile on hand. For beginners, there is a detailed instruction and online support.
    Let's hope that developers and users will help in the development of mobile Internet and web applications, and another billion mobile subscribers will use Internet access.

    You can download Ovi Browser to your mobile from the Ovi Store .
    The application is compatible with: Nokia 2700, 2730, 3120, 3600, 3710, 5130, 5220, 5300, 5310, 5330, 5610, 6280, 6300, 6303, 6500, 6600, 6700, 7210, 7310, 7900, c2-01, c3 -00, c3-01, x2-00, x2-01, x3-00, x3-01, x3-02.

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