SQA Days-16: experience, knowledge, friendly atmosphere


    November 14-15, 2014 the sixteenth SQA Days-16 conference dedicated to software quality will be held in St. Petersburg . This is a unique event for the Russian-speaking QA community, annually bringing together nearly a thousand professionals in the field of Software Quality Assurance in one hall. Registration for the conference , which is becoming increasingly popular year after year, continues, and if you want to get to SQA Days-16, you should hurry up - until August 31 there is a grace period for paying for participation.

    Have you never been to SQA Days?

    It's time to join the experience of the most famous and respected experts in the software testing industry. After all, if you try to characterize SQA Days with one single word, then this word will be "practice." It is practical testing experience - this is why for many years testers from different countries come to SQA Days.
    “It is gratifying to note that the conference is developing. It has more technical reports. And the quality has also improved: the speakers understand that the described cases and working methods are one of the possible in the industry, and try to position them. And this is a consequence of the work of the program committee, which not only selects reports, but also works with speakers on crystallization, identifying meanings, ”- Maxim Tsepkov

    In just two days of the conference, each participant will be able to get answers to all their questions from recognized masters who you will not meet on the smoking room near your own office. Their unique knowledge will literally make a professional leap during the conference, and raise their understanding of the testing process to new heights. And live contacts with professionals in QA will make it possible in the future to ask urgent questions without waiting for your message to be sent to the basket without reading. Leading industry experts, not only making presentations, but also communicating with students during breaks, are the hallmark of the conference. And SQA Days-16 will not be an exception to this rule.
    “My new tradition of attending conferences is collecting autographs from visiting foreign colleagues. This time Michael Bolton checked in. I was fortunate enough to talk with him for about half an hour about what I (as it turned out to him) was interested in - about testing, drawing and sports, ”blog.auto-testing.ru about SQA Days-15.

    Each time, SQA Days organizers from the Testing Laboratory company offer conference participants something new. Therefore, even those who go to SQA Days every time find unusual things at such a cozy and familiar conference. You can find out something about what awaits the participants on the official page of the conference on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/sqadays ), but the organizers retain the intrigue about the most interesting moments to the last.

    If you feel the desire and the necessary strength in order to share your discoveriesWith a community of QA specialists from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and many other countries, SQA Days-16 is the best platform to do this. Your ideas will find not only a lively response, but also take root in the work processes of dozens and even hundreds of companies that sent their representatives to the event. And your name will be on a par with the names of worthy people, with their own hands (and, of course, primarily with their heads) moving forward the domestic QA industry. And most importantly, every speaker will be able to get to SQA Days-16 for free!
    “The conference for me was held in a very cool drive, recovery and positive. The organizers surpassed themselves again. There were many good and very good reports (there were not very, not without it). The guys I cooked were really cool! (And Inna Smirnova even won a prize, as the best speaker). I met old and new friends. I heard interesting reports for myself. I tried a new skill - a three-person performance, ”- comment by Rina Uzhevko

    Registration for SQA Days-16 is in full swing, and if you decide to participate in the conference before the end of August (of course, backing up your decision with actions), you will receive a 25% discount on the October price. You can learn more about the conditions for participating in Software Quality Assurance Days-16 on the conference website.
    And remember that in the modern world, the main success factors are knowledge and communication. SQA Days-16 is an excellent platform for acquisition of both that, and another.

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