Linderdaum Jigsaw Puzzle - domestic development at Indiegogo

    The developers of the Linderdaum Engine started a campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for the refinement of the game "Linderdaum Jigsaw Puzzle".


    There are a huge number of games in the Jigsaw Puzzle genre and, as a rule, such applications are not very adapted for mobile devices: the pieces of the picture overlap each other, have a strange shape, only a single piece moves, and not the assembled fragment, or the game is reduced to moving all elements on the "substrate". In our game, we focused on the main thing - ease of management. The game screen is made in a natural 3D form and is not blocked by unnecessary interface elements, and the control is as close as possible to the assembly of a real physical puzzle ( whichI had to collect it with my hands in order to understand how best to do it on the tablet):


    3D-gallery for choosing pictures from photo hosting:


    According to the experience of our previous game, Linderdaum Puzzle HD , promotion should not begin after the release, but in advance. Therefore, we want to raise money for pre-orders of the game using crowdsourcing and, if a sufficient amount is collected ($ 5000), redesign the interface and make versions for iOS and desktop computers. The game is almost ready and the Android version will be released regardless of the achievement of the declared amount, so a flexible financing scheme for Indiegogo has been chosen.

    The disbursement of funds will occur as follows: 7% of the amount will go to Indiegogo commissions, PayPal and bank transfers, another 13% - taxes. 10% of the amount is reserved for the delivery of perks (we do not think that a lot of cards will have to be sent out). There is about $ 3600 left for hiring a freelancer for 100 hours. The previous puzzle project required approximately 60 hours of paid design work and therefore we are sure that a hundred hours is enough with a margin.

    Since we are independent developers, we will use open tools. At the heart of everything is our own Linderdaum Engine, already used in our previous puzzle , and download content from online photo hosting, or available under a Creative Commons ShareAlike license.

    In addition to direct investments, you can help in other equally useful ways: tell friends about the project, give a link on your site, or just good advice.

    More details and pictures on Indiegogo .

    Yes, the most important thing . If the fundraising is successful, we plan to put all the source code in the public domain on GitHub.

    PS The game was released on Google Play .

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