Landing page creation: how to increase conversion with their help, and how good landing differs from bad. Part 2

    Landing page is important because it is when you look at them that the potential customer decides in seconds whether he wants to buy your product. So, landing pages are a key element of a marketing strategy that needs to be improved to increase conversion. We continue to share tips on creating landings, this time - the second part of the Peep Laja article written in the first person. From it you can learn how to choose a copywriter for a landing page, and why you should avoid using templates when writing text and when choosing its design.

    The text on the selling page is the most important thing.

    The success of the selling page is more dependent on its content. Therefore, to sell a product, you need really high-quality text. Do not start design until you have first-class content in your hands.

    You can create an effective sales page only if you have an idea of ​​your target audience, understand the details of marketing, have a good syllable and basic knowledge in the psychology of sales, are able to persuade and use proven speech turns.

    You need to be able to engage the client in the dialogue that takes place in his head. As a goal for yourself you need to set a solution to customer problems and achieve their desired results using your product.

    Be careful when choosing a copywriter.

    I had to work with a lot of copywriters, and here is my advice: the prices of those who are really worth hiring are always above the market average. Focus on them. If there is no money, it’s better to learn how to write articles yourself than trust this work to those who are willing to work for a penny. When a person asks for a price lower than the market price for work, there are usually reasons for this.

    Of course, the price is not the only factor to be guided by when choosing a copywriter. There are millions of "professionals" keen on jargon. And if they use beaten-up stamps even in their portfolio work - run away from them wherever your eyes look!

    An example of text from the portfolio of a real copywriter, where in addition to hackneyed stamps, there are also grammatical, stylistic and spelling errors.

    Most of these unfortunate specialists are driven by their ego, which makes them deaf to the requirements of clients, stubborn when arguing their choice, and at best ineffective. But with confidence we can say that good copywriters exist.

    Decide Which Copywriter You Need

    Another thing to keep in mind is the difference between image copywriters and direct response copywriters. They have a completely different type of thinking. Once we hired an image copywriter with an interesting resume, who in the past worked with a variety of brands, including very advanced ones. But he “overwhelmed” the simple task of writing an advertising text of a direct response, because he simply could not figure out what was required of him.

    It's all about readability (well, almost)

    So, you have a good advertising text. May I congratulate you? Not so fast. The text is not yet structured and the page design has not been worked out, so hardly anyone will read this message.

    Firstly, here is a memo on text structuring:

    • Large font size (at least 16 size).
    • Short lines (40 to 80 characters).
    • A new paragraph every 3-4 lines.
    • Use lists, quotes, tables - that’s all.
    • Use subheadings every 2-3 paragraphs.
    • If you have a significant percentage of mobile traffic (more than 20%), then you need to develop responsive web design.

    This is basic knowledge, but it is really important.

    For example, such a sheet of text will repel even the most curious:


    There are completely no subheadings, without which it is generally impossible to understand the structure of the text.

    Most users only pay attention to headings - they try to understand the general meaning of the text based on them. Readers “scan” the page, stop at the headlines that interest them, read the text below them, and continue to “scan”.

    An example of a poor heading for the entire advertising text on the landing, from which it is generally impossible to understand what it is about.



    In order to make selling pages readable and to make it easier for the reader to understand the general meaning of the text, you need to pay attention to the design of the text. You need each page to differ from the previous one: give readers a sense of novelty when scrolling down the text.

    This means that you constantly have to change the location of the information blocks to make the page attractive and interesting for visitors.

    Monotony leads to the fact that your audience begins to get bored and leaves the page. There are many psychological tricks, for example:

    • Neurologists say that diversity contributes to a more efficient transmission of information.
    • Our mind gravitates to everything new and unusual. The new, be it some kind of experience or image, not only captures our attention, but also turns into a necessity for our mind.

    Our brain pays special attention to patterns and quickly learns to ignore the routine: repetitive, predictable, or simply boring phenomena. This creates practically unlimited possibilities for using everything new and unusual. Unusual performance of the eye will surely make a person draw attention to themselves.

    I always wondered why the owners of many sites are so fond of alternating the position of text blocks on the page - first the text on the right, then on the left, then again on the right, and so on to infinity? Like here:

    View the full version

    In this way, they strive for diversity. This greatly increases the number of readers. Subheadings and a large amount of free space are also in the hands of marketers. Take a look at this landing page from Appsumo.

    Pay attention to how the position of the text on the page changes when you scroll down, this is done to attract and maintain your attention. Below is the layout of this landing page on a reduced scale.

    Test the video version of

    Video on the page can increase its conversion by several times, and landing pages are no exception. Selling pages that contain nothing but video are only effective sometimes, in most cases the video should be correctly supplemented with text. Many people simply will not watch the video (but the most interested can), and when filling out the page with content, this fact must be taken into account.

    Recently, we tested different versions of two selling pages: the first was exclusively textual, and the second contained both text and video.

    In the first testthe selling pages were identical except for one detail: on one (left) an image was presented, and on the second (right) there was a video:

    Result: the page with the video attracted 46% more buyers.

    The second test was similar to the first, only this time on the second page the video started automatically.

    Bottom line: The version with the video attracted 25% more buyers, and the conversion of the video that started automatically was 13% more than the video that had to be clicked to start.

    In the continuation of the article in a couple of days you will be able to read about how to develop a high-quality landing page design, and get acquainted with examples of high-quality landing pages that combine good text, layout and design.


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