Finger motivation (literally)

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    It so happened that I was tired of acting only under the influence of the mood (when it is good), external forces and situations “make or die, because there is no choice (and time)”. However, everything I read about GTD and [self] motivation was useless. So far, one weekday, panicking in front of a small, in general, scope of work, I thought that the formidable, but kind, fist of the boss was a good motivator. And he himself, with his presence and cheerful spirit, does not allow me not to work. So the following system appeared under the cut.

    Let's leave the lyrics alone and go straight to practice. We have the right hand (or the left, as you prefer). There are five fingers on it. Each of these fingers represents a person who in one way or another motivates you, invigorates, is important to you or is an example. All fingers are different, for simplicity of sensations, we highlight the characteristic features of each of the five people and pick up their finger.
    My boss is a man of large proportions, and the rest are my people from a more personal circle, so the boss will be the thumb. Beloved girl takes a place on the ring (I think no explanation is necessary), and the son (spiritual, but dear) is the smallest finger.

    After the distribution of positions, we will assign each person a catch phrase, which from his lips motivates us. It is desirable to be simpler, more expressive, but actually pronounced / uttered by the same person. It can be a phrase directly addressed to you, or any other.
    Run through eyes / bend unbend / name out loud each of the human fingers. Go through again by adding catch phrases. If possible, remembering how a person pronounces it. Present the images of these people in front of you. In real growth or in the palm of your hand - this is how it is more convenient for anyone.

    The goal is to achieve automatic recall in a person’s memory and his kind words motivating you just by looking at any finger.

    The first part is over.

    Now look at the left hand (or the right, if the first part was the left).
    Five fingers - five things, essences, goals, desires, objects, ..., aspirations that you sincerely desire and which you can gain requisition procrastination. Again, every finger is reduced to the characteristics of things.
    If you strive for autocracy and the royal crown - a large detached finger will be very useful.

    We run around with a look, bend / unbend, call it out loud, bring it to appear automatically in our head according to the look.

    We look at our own hands, we feel how much we hold in them, we feel important people and a happy future, we roll up our sleeves and “on good legs, with passionate thoughts” we run to win.

    Good luck, friends!

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