NAUMEN opens a software development center in Sevastopol

    In mid-July 2014, NAUMEN opened a new software development center in Sevastopol.

    Currently, 5 people are working in a new office located in a modern building in the center of Sevastopol. Active recruitment to the Java / Scala development team continues.

    “The city of Sevastopol, located on the Crimean peninsula, is a strategically important territory for NAUMEN. The region is attractive for software business, primarily because of its potential. There is practically no competition for IT personnel. In addition, the city has the largest technical university, which will also provide our needs for programmers in the near future. The peninsula also has a favorable climate. All of these factors make this place promising, similar to Silicon Valley, ”says Alexei Zastrozhny, Executive Director of NAUMEN. - As a company included in the Top 20 Russian developers of software solutions,

    Andrey Lespukh, head of the NAUMEN development center in Sevastopol: “In our developments, we try to use new interesting technologies, focusing on market trends and the needs of our customers. The technologies we use, Scala technology stack from Typesafe, Java, allow us to achieve the best result. Therefore, our solutions are effective, in demand and successfully implemented in both new and old projects. We will be glad to welcome experienced and dedicated programming specialists to our friendly team. ”

    Anton Larin, Head of Development, Department of IT Automation Systems and Service Processes:
    In our work, we use the most advanced enterprise-class software development technologies. This is Java, the industry-recognized standard for de facto enterprise application development. With it, we can develop scalable, high-performance systems. A large community of developers allows you to use a wide range of freely distributed libraries and development frameworks to provide only the best results to our customers. Iterative development allows you to deliver new functionality to the customer regularly, just when this functionality is required.
    Based on previous experience, we created a system that allows you to fine-tune without the involvement of programmers, by technologists. This allows you to speed up and reduce the cost of the configuration process for each of our clients.
    We use agile development practices described in the Scrum and eXtreme Programming methodologies. Iterations, planning, task evaluation, continuous integration, self-testing - this is what we use in our work regularly, that allows us to be most effective.

    In addition to the new development office in Sevastopol, NAUMEN has three operating production centers - in Tver, Chelyabinsk and, mainly, in Yekaterinburg, where more than 200 software developers and technical specialists work. The project office and implementation center of the company is located in Moscow. In 2012, NAUMEN opened offices in Manila (Philippines) and Astana (Kazakhstan). The company has over 300 employees.

    If you are interested in the work of java / scala developer in Sevastopol - we are waiting for the resume at You can get acquainted with our vacancies here:

    Reference information:
    NAUMEN ( is a leading Russian developer of software solutions for business and government. The company provides services for the development, implementation and maintenance of software projects based on its own solutions.
    Since its foundation in 2001, NAUMEN has gained experience in implementing projects for the development and implementation of information systems in various sectors of the Russian economy. Over 13 years, more than 1000 companies and organizations from Russia and the CIS countries have automated various aspects of their activities and businesses using NAUMEN software products and solutions. Today, NAUMEN's customers include telecom operators, banks, financial groups, metallurgy and heavy industry companies, trading and manufacturing holdings, government agencies and state-owned enterprises. The company's business partners are IT companies from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Moldova and the Philippines.

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