Ciklum PHP Speakers' Corner in Minsk, August 22

    August 22 (Friday) at 18.30 Ciklum Minsk invites PHP developers to the PHP Developers Speakers' Corner open event !
    Ciklum Speakers' Corner is a special format for open events, the way Ciklum maintain and develop a free exchange of knowledge in various technologies and fields among company employees and representatives of IT communities, and it is also a great opportunity for developers to find colleagues with common interests and expand their professional experience and horizons.
    During the event, 2 speakers will make presentations :
    Igor Karpov , leading PHP developer (Ciklum, Kiev, Ukraine)
    Topic: Continuous integration and deployment in web-projects
    Each developer strives to make it possible to check out with just one command, get all the dependencies of the application, assemble it and deploy it on a test server. Each team dreams of development processes tailored and tailored to a specific context, when the build does not break before the release, despite the huge number of commits and merges. In his report, Igor will share his experience in building a system of continuous integration and continuous deployment in web projects (php).
    Alexander Tarantei , lead PHP developer (IASO Backup Technology, Minsk, Belarus)
    Topic: “Tools and techniques used in developing applications with a detailed reporting / statistics system” (using the example of an e-mail retargeting system).
    In the recent past, Alexander participated as a key developer / technical expert in the project of one of the largest French marketing agencies. The project was successfully completed and the finished application with all the sources was sold for 29 million euros!
    Alexander will talk about the features of developing a marketing analytical tool with a very detailed system of reports and statistics. The report will address issues of unit testing, the practice of synchronizing the database structure (using the Liquebase tool as an example), and many other technical life hacks.
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    We will be glad to see you!
    Ciklum is a Danish company founded in 2002, working in the field of software development outsourcing. Ciklum regularly holds popular IT events: the annual IT-Jam conference (Kiev, Ukraine), specialized Ciklum Saturdays, uniting specialists in certain technologies (Java, .Net, PHP, Mobile, C ++, and others). The company actively supports IT communities. In 2014, the Minsk Ciklum team was awarded the Belarusian IT-Awards for the support and development of professional IT communities in Belarus.

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