The first watch prototype with a calculator from HP can be yours for just $ 14,500

Original author: CHRIS VELAZCO
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Probably everyone already knows that HP is working on a “stylish” and “smart” watch. But this is not the first time that a company is trying to put something on the wrist of a consumer. Let's go back for a minute in 1977: Star Wars tickets are on sale, Andy Gibb sings “Want to be everything”, and HP makes the world's first watch with a calculator.

The HP-01 watch was large, catchy, in gold. This can be called the peak of chic for geeks of that time. The prototype of this watch can now be bought on eBay for $ 14,500. If you take the seller’s word that he is real. There are eight more days left until the end of the auction.

And this is how the new watch that HP is developing now looks like. Gilt and designer Michael Bastian are working on the watch’s appearance. HP’s own platform (Android decided not to use it) allows you to view mail, text notifications, manage music, find out the weather and use other functions, synchronizing with your gadget on iOS or Android. HP is betting on the cross-platform nature of this device and its appearance.



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