Landing page creation: how to increase conversion with their help, and how good landing differs from bad. Part 1

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Landing page is a rather important part of a marketing company, with its help a potential client learns about your product. Therefore, we decided to share a Peep Laja article on why sales pages are critical and what components need to be worked on to create an effective landing page. Below is the first part of the article, in which the author reflects on the reasons for creating unsuccessful landing pages and gives examples of them. The article is written in the first person. For comparison, we also selected a couple of examples of high-quality landing pages.

Was there a landing?

Did you come across long selling pages? Yes, everything is detailed on them, but in most cases their effectiveness leaves much to be desired: poor quality of execution deprives these pages of attractiveness for the target audience.

Long selling pages are used in internet marketing because sometimes they really work.

The purpose of your website is to sell goods or services. If you sell only one product, you do not need to have more than one page. Your site informs consumers about your product (or service), its benefits and use cases. This helps them make a purchasing decision if your product is able to quickly solve their problem. If for this you have to go from one page to another several times, this only interferes.

Someone calls the selling pages "mini-sites", someone - "business cards", the name "landing pages" has taken root. The essence is the same.

Text does not happen much?

The amount of text needed on the selling pages depends on the complexity and cost of the product. The more complex / expensive your product is, the more you need to explain, show and influence a potential customer.

If you sell matchboxes for 25 cents, I, as a buyer, don’t need a lot of text. This product is simple and cheap.

An example of a successful landing with a minimum of text:

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On the other hand, if I choose a new car or home, then in this case both products are complex (you need to get a lot of information when buying) and are expensive, so it will take me several months to make a purchasing decision.

An example of a successful landing with a description of a complex product:

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If you sell something worth, say, $ 300, then your buyer does not need to think long, but a certain amount of information is needed to explain this purchase to someone (to himself, his wife, boss, etc.).

Buyers, they are readers.

Are you worried that your text is too long? Not worth it. If there are those who agree to buy your product after reading only about 20% of the information you provide, all the better, they just scroll to the end in search of the buy button. No problem.

But if one of the potential buyers reads the entire text, and after that he still has questions, then you have a problem. This is a great argument in favor of long landing pages.

Of course, most people will not read the text in full, and this is completely normal. This is not a novel. And those who are still fully acquainted with the information on the selling page - these are your potential customers.

But long selling pages are so commonplace and completely do not inspire confidence!

It is for this reason that I said that their effectiveness is poor. I agree - most of the selling pages are really ridiculously monotonous and aimed at fooling potential customers. Therefore, so many people have a negative attitude towards them.

I selected a few random products and analyzed their marketing pages.

Here are three typical forms:
Random Example # 1: View Full Version

Exclamation marks! There is. Aggressive advertising! There is. ABSOLUTE market leader! There is. This product should fly like hot cakes (just in case you thought so - this does not happen).

Random Example # 2:

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They weren’t even able to properly place their logo and make a readable title.

Random Example # 3:

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Another case of an “effective” header.

The Cruel Truth About Landing

• Most of them look wretched. And that is to say the least.

• The text on the page is often written, frankly, by idiots who believe that adding exclamation points and appeals in each sentence increases sales.

• Information about many products on the same page does not look convincing and does not give a clear picture. What could be easier than creating a pdf document and using it everywhere?

If you start looking for examples of long selling pages, you will certainly come across a lot of critical articles about them, but you will also see that they criticize mainly the quality of execution.

It’s not a long page format, but a performance that often “kills” even good commercial offers.

• Long selling pages can look great.

• Finding someone to write great lyrics for them is real.

• Interesting and sophisticated products can be sold through landing pages, and these are not just IT products.

Here is a long selling page that is credible and attractive, and this is not an IT product.

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