Vscan: GE Healthcare Portable Ultrasound Sensor

    Vscan dual probe ultrasound GE Expands Vscans Capabilities with Dual Ultrasound Probes in Single Handheld Device

    Not so long ago, news was published on Habré about a portable ultrasound flatbed scanner from Philips , which allows you to conduct an ultrasound procedure anywhere - even in a hospital room, even in a thatched house in an African settlement.

    The other day there was news about an interesting device from GE Healthcare, which is an ultrasound scanner, and its size is even smaller than that of Philips VISIQ (by the way, the price is also lower, about a third). The device is called Vscan, and exists for a long time, but the other day there was an improved version of it.

    The developers added another channel to the Vscan scanner, with both sensors (single-phase and linear) located in one probe, the dimensions of the device did not increase. The device is universal, and allows you to scan the entire patient’s body, and some organs and objects (carotid artery, jugular vein, knee and elbow joints, parts of the chest) are highlighted on the display.

    The developers promise this:

    • Easy control
    • Automatic image optimization;
    • Battery operation during the day;
    • Fast loading of the device (literally - while the doctor puts on gloves :));
    • The ability to view the heartbeat, and blood flow;
    • Two scanning channels in one probe;
    • Synchronize data with PC.

    The price of the device is from 7 to 8 thousand euros, depending on the number of years of warranty (1-4) that the buyer would like to receive.

    Via GE

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