- how to save 30% or more when buying tickets

    Hello, Habr!
    I want to tell you about - a special flight search engine developed by rtt .
    Its distinguishing feature is its own route search algorithm, which allows you to find non-obvious cheap and fast flight options.

    How is this achieved?

    Transplant Selection

    Barcelona - Los Angeles, September 17 : $ 341 versus the slightly over $ 900 option everyone has. In time, the combined version is even a little faster.

    Of course, this option has some inconvenience. However, I think that the price difference of 2 and a half times is an essential argument in order to think about this particular route option.

    You can give another example with a domestic connection: Novosibirsk - Budapest, August 30.

    Routes that competitors have in this area are at least a third more expensive, and even often several times longer.

    Departure from another city

    When selecting transfers, our algorithm also takes into account that for greater savings, you can offer a flight from another city, which can be reached inexpensively by ground transport.
    For example, the route Dnepropetrovsk - Dortmund, September 27 , with a departure from Kiev.

    Even taking into account the time to move to Kiev by land transport, it will be 4 times faster and almost 10 times cheaper than if you use the standard options that other search engines give out. combines flights and selects routes that others cannot find. These routes have drawbacks in the form of re-registration and customs inspection, the time for transplantation is taken by you at your own peril and risk.

    However, the developers of the new search engine suggest that:
    1. To be able to save several times or at least be informed about it is simply necessary, if only because there is such an opportunity;
    2. There are situations, as in the example with Budapest, when the best options are hidden from the user, not because he should not fly like that, but because someone didn’t agree on something with someone. Here, the traveler is given the maximum choice.

    The first public beta,, has now been launched .
    The purpose of the post is to hear your comments and opinions in order to assess the need for the service.
    Scold, praise) With your help, developers can turn their assumptions into statements.

    Thanks for attention.

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