Pluralism of opinions through a fake IP address

    Everyone around was crazy about politics. In social networks, blogs, news feeds - politics on politics and politics drives. Even one who has never been interested in anything other than porn sites and games, and he gradually becomes involved in politics. At least as an outside observer.

    When you start monitoring Internet resources, it turns out that there are two points of view: official and incorrect. And the second is in the public domain less and less.

    On the one hand, at the request of Roskomnadzor, providers block sites that do not correspond to official ideas about morality, legality and morality, on the other hand, bloggers and site owners themselves run ahead of the engine, removing questionable content. No matter what happens ...

    By law, providers should only block a page with questionable content, but most of them do not have such capacities, and the entire site becomes inaccessible.

    It’s cool that sometimes even what’s just about to happen, but has already been extinct from the news pages. Here, say, the news about the federalization (not to be confused with separatism) of Siberia. Information about the rally in support of the federalization of Siberia lasted on the websites for about half an hour. Then 14 Siberian and federal mass media received a “warning” about a possible blockage, and they all removed themselves without waiting for peritonitis. But some resources still have locks - just in case.
    An example of this is Taiga.Info

    What is significant - in this case, Rostelecom does not make a redirect, but tries to replace the contents of the domain, even change the https traffic, and the picture shows how Google Chrome "swears" (an invalid certificate is obtained). And what to do? Read official news? Not!

    We all know that for every lock there is a counter-block - VPN, Tor and other proxies. Here there is available to them in detail. But most options are quite complicated and require some skills from the user. I tested the program, which is put in one click, and will suit even the teapot's grandmother - Hola .

    We put the program. And, since the blocking applies only to Russian IP addresses, we are changing the country. For example, to the UK.

    Voila, everything worked out.

    Now let's try to go to the disgraced "opposition sites". To start at In the usual (read - legal) way, this is what

    Habit to live from the back door gives (or in another country, this time we use America) it gives the result - bourbon is also forbidden to drink ... (see news in the picture)

    Finally, for a snack, is one of the few alternative news feeds. For which it is blocked.

    Well, we are going along the usual path - we are asking for help from abroad.

    So, wherever they wanted - they went, what did not open - they opened. Now you want to - become an oppositionist, you want - just take an interest so that your opponent can give a reasoned answer in a dispute, and not immediately give in the face. No barriers to hungry for information. In addition to self-censorship of the media and bloggers, of course. But here no program will help ...

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