Switch layouts using CapsLock in Ubuntu 14.04

    There is a problem in ubuntu 14.04, if you assign the CapsLock button as a keyboard clamshell switch, then over time (not immediately) when you try to switch the layout, it will jump like a roulette between languages ​​and it will not be clear which one. Bug in general.
    Found a simple solution.

    1. Put gnome-tweak-tool.
    2. Go to the “Keyboard” section
    3. In the “CapsLock Key Behavior” list item, select the “CapsLock Off” item. I emphasize just such an item, and not just “Off”


    4. Go to the ubuntu settings and calmly assign CapsLock as a button to switch layouts. It is recognized as 0xff, and not as "CapsLock", but it will now work quietly.

    The method has been tested, for several days now no pain with switching layouts. In gnom, switching used to work with a wild delay (a gnome’s disease), then ubuntu-vts did their switching and it started working like roulette (but without a delay), now (oh miracle!) Four years after it became enrage me, everything finally, after this bug fix, works :)

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