Useful materials for the mobile developer # 64 (June 28-August 3)

    What I remembered last week: Yandex explained how to check the security of mobile applications, the head of the Ministry of Communications will offer Apple to disclose its source codes, Apple itself has opened an iAd in Russia and its own CDN around the world, Intel updated the XDK, Wooga explained how to get into mobile tops. All this and much more in the weekly digest of materials on mobile development.

    I still love graphics programming

    Now, almost a year later, I decided to share with you a story about how it all worked and how it ended. I want to warn you right away that this is still a story about bicycles. This is not a story about revolutionary technology or super-mega smart solutions. This is a story about how, for my pleasure, I deliberately wrote a bicycle.

    How we check the security of mobile applications, and why it is not easy. Yandex Security

    We learned how to ensure the absence of vulnerabilities both in Yandex applications and in third-party ones in various ways, including using machine learning. About how we work in this place, I will tell.

    The head of the Ministry of Communications suggested Apple and SAP to disclose their source codes to Russian specialists

    At a meeting with Apple’s regional director for Russia Peter Engrob and SAP CEO for CIS Vyacheslav Orekhov, the head of the RF Ministry of Communications Nikolay Nikiforov invited companies to disclose the source codes of their products to Russian specialists.

    How Yahoo Saved Flurry

    Before acquiring Yahoo, the Flurry wallet was pretty empty. The $ 20 million loan received earlier ended, and the 66 million that the company received from Silicon Valley's leading venture capital funds went to support the company's operations, sources familiar with the situation write.

    How to get into mobile tops: Wooga case study

    Eric Sefert from Wooga at the last GDC conference said that it’s better: to systematically buy several thousand units a day or at once buy traffic for hundreds of thousands of dollars, trying to break into the top, and also how much is the top-1 in the USA, are there games who do not need marketing, and how to assess the virality of the project and calculate the cost of traffic based on it.




    Marketing and monetization



    Last week’s digest . If I missed something in the search for updates - send it to the mail, I will quickly add it.

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