Facebook Gifts service closes

    A couple of days ago it was announced that the Facebook Gifts service was closing.


    From the background.

    Four years ago, on August 1, 2010, the Facebook gift service was already closing. Then they explained this by the need to focus on other areas - games, news, likes and the like.

    In fact, apparently, this service was not very popular with users, although it would seem that Chinese social networks make good money on gifts, and our Odnoklassniki also have the vast majority of their proceeds from sales of virtual gifts .

    Meanwhile, the IPO was nearing, and the closer Facebook came to this event, the sooner he needed to show what he was going to earn in the future. Apparently, that's why in May 2012, Facebook acquired the Karma startup, which specialized in sending gifts in the United States, and used data from Facebook for its work. At the same time, the startup, in fact, began work only in February 2012 and at that time it had 16 employees. The acquisition cost, as some blogs wrote, $ 80 million, and in September 2012, the Facebook Gifts service was launched based on Karma.

    It added “sociality” and everything else necessary for success. But, apparently, something went wrong again, and already in August 2013 the ability to send physical gifts was stopped. Only virtual gifts remained. And now, from August 12 this year, the Facebook Gifts service is completely closed. This time they say that they want to provide the opportunity for different companies to sell products themselves using Facebook, and for this there is no need for Facebook to be an online store.

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