Sweater: Finally on the App Store


Hello, Habrasociety!

Most recently, our small hackathon took place, on which we wrote a social network in 48 hours - and now, today, the iOS client has become available in public access. We tested the system for a long time under high load, argued with Apple, provided the necessary papers for registering the product, corrected minor bugs - but, finally, our brainchild is online.

I ask you to turn to Sweater with the humor inherent in our people. In no case do we pretend to be popular, famous, money or women. The very idea of ​​writing Twitter in 48 hours did not let me sleep from the moment I started working with professional development teams. What a joke - to kill the weekend for the sake of an unnecessary project.

The most important thing is it's alive!

There were many problems before the development - they couldn’t take up it at all, and during the time - I never started broadcasting, and after that - the apple company didn’t want to publish our application. I don’t argue, there are existing bugs, there are bugs that we are fixing - you need to start somewhere. The head of our server development put forward the right proposal - to publish bug reports and any information related to the development of Sweaters under the tag #develop. Join us friends! We need your help.


Many will ask, they say, what is the difference between the service and Twitter? Firstly, we are in Russia - if, suddenly, Twitter stops supporting our country for some reason unknown to a reasonable person, then we can easily help you stay in the know that the development team ate for breakfast. Secondly, we do not cooperate with any of the special services known to us (a list of special agencies with which we do not cooperate ). Thirdly, we are actively developing according to your requests. Write the wishes under the tag #developer, and we will try to implement them.

I sincerely hope that this little joke will inspire novice developers to create new, or rather, necessary services. After all, it turned out to be so simple - to sit down and assemble the server component, the mobile client and pull up the layout.

By the way, at present, the Android client of Svitra and the web face are in development. Very soon, not only the owners of iOS devices will be able to use, but also all users of the World Wide Web.

Easy distraction

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you about the modest blog of our studio, in which we try to bring the volume of the company to $ 100,000 per month. We constantly play 5000 rubles there for various buns made by subscribers. This time no one is participating in the competition, so there is every chance to win!

Link here: vk.com/borodutch . Good to all, and forgive me for my excessive perseverance.


Thank you so much for reading to the end! Ready to answer any of your questions in the comments; and if you find a mistake or typo - welcome to me at the Habracenter.

Personally, I was responsible for some non-standard elements of the UI and with incredible pleasure I will write a couple of articles on how to implement this or that part of Sweater. Please write in the comments about what you want to read about in the technical article about our service.

See you soon!

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