GNS3 1.0 beta Early Release is now available to everyone

About what GNS3 can be read here and here .

In short, this is a graphical network simulator that has many capabilities for emulating network equipment. Prior to current version 1.0, the simulator could not fully emulate second-level switches.

In November last year, the development team announced a crowdfunding company to raise money for the release of the new version, more about this can be found here .

In just two weeks, the maximum amount necessary for the development of the product was collected.
There was also the opportunity to buy support packages that allowed you to get the product at the alpha testing stage and other features.
Read more about the participant’s package andpremium package .

Also, the buyers of the package got access to the alpha version of GNS3 (which appeared somewhere in early April).

The main differences between the new version:


The most important thing in the new version is the support of switches.

And just recently there was a beta version of GNS3 , which became available to everyone.
You can download it here .

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