Microsoft builds factory in China for next-generation Zune player

    Microsoft wants to put more effort into manufacturing its next-generation Zune player, and for this, it is building a factory in China to better manage the production process, according to Dow Jones.

    The next version of Zune will be distributed at different prices and with different memory sizes. Also, there was a rumor that the player will be thinner, and an option with a smaller Flash memory will be released, similar to iPod Nano. The first version of the player, released in November last year, was produced by Toshiba. Putting into the background the saving of money for production by transferring the player to its own production, Microsoft believes that this step will give it flexibility and production management from scratch. Although the company did not name the one with whom it will cooperate in the new factory, Dow Jones noted that the factory is located in the same city where the Flextronics factory that manufactures the Microsoft Xbox game console is located. Also, Microsft does not apply to the timing and amount of money spent on the construction of the plant. Company expects that the player will be produced by the end of autumn. And while Microsoft plans to sell 1 million Zune players by the end of the fiscal year in June, Apple shipped 10.5 million iPods in March.

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