BlueChute - Read and Write

    BlueChute is a hybrid of an e-book and a wireless tablet, while the thickness of the concept is only about five millimeters.

    The device uses a six-inch screen based on electronic ink technology from E Ink. Tiny capsules filled with tiny black and white particles form the basis of the display pixels. Depending on the applied signal, particles of the desired color move to the surface of the display, forming a picture. Reading from it is as convenient as reading from ordinary paper - the displayed information does not require highlighting. Such a gadget will consume energy much less than an LCD screen.

    It is expected that the final modification of the device will be equipped with an ARM LPC2148 processor, a microSD slot for removable flash cards, a Bluetooth controller and a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 1360 mAh.

    Source: Gadget Blog

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