The Spaniards built sensors to monitor the health of drivers of cars in the seat belt

    There are many traffic accidents (Traffic Accidents) that happen due to driver fatigue, and also because of a sudden deterioration in the driver’s well-being. For example, the heart could not withstand the load, a person has a heart attack in the middle of the autobahn, he loses control of the car. The result is an accident, either single or involving other cars.

    Specialists of various automakers are trying to create a system that can prevent such situations, but there has not yet been a reliable solution to the problem. However, the other day a team of specialists from the Spanish Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia presented their own solution - integrating a human health monitoring system directly into the seat belt.

    We are talking about two sensors: a heart rate sensor and a respiratory rate. In this case, the device only records the mechanical effect of the heartbeat and respiratory activity of a person (heartbeats and chest oscillations). At the same time, the developers were able to achieve reliable clipping of interference / vibrations that are not taken into account by the system. The project itself was called Harken .

    The sensor readings are sent to a computer, which analyzes the data almost in real time. If the system "understands" that a person is falling asleep, a signal will be sent that will warn the driver about the danger. Actually, the Spaniards have already created a working prototype of such a system, and this prototype showed good results, quite coping with the task.

    According to the developers, the system will not only wake up a falling asleep driver, but will also be able to automatically call an "ambulance" if the driver’s health condition suddenly worsens. A heart attack has already been cited as an example. Perhaps, in combination with automatic auto control systems, it will be possible to reduce road accidents due to such situations. For example, a computer “understands” that a person has heart problems, the car takes control, parks at the side of the road, and at the same time there is a call to medical services.

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