A small step for book publishing - a huge leap for crowdsourcing space

    (DISCLAIMER: This post is not a fundraising campaign. The purpose of the post is to inspire readers to create their own crowdsourcing projects)

    Habré already wrote about the project of Pavel Shubin ( shubinpavel ).
    Paul plans to publish a book about the history of the development of Venus.

    The fundraising project successfully completed on July 31.

    2 days before the deadline, the amount of fees was 500,000 rubles, and as in the Hollywood movie, “Fast and the Furious” turned on in the last hours and contributions increased almost 2 times.

    I hasten to congratulate Paul on his success.

    I perceive this victory as personal, for me it is more important than all Olympic victories.
    (and the completion of this project was the start for the next space crowdsourcing project, to which I once had a hand)

    Pavel still has a lot of work to bring to perfection and fulfillment of all obligations to the bakers, as well as work on books on the Moon and To Mars.

    No doubt Paul is a pioneer.
    I hope that the genie is released from the bottle and from now on projects will appear more often (once a month, for example).

    I hope that there will be a change in the thoughts of the engineers and they dare not only sign the petitions, but also take more radical steps and actions (quit your job, collect your satellite in the basement, write books, build rockets, launch stratostats, prepare for space missions, give lectures, design probes for flights to comets, create game modeling interactive environments, build models of Martian stations, design thermo-vacuum chambers, etc.).

    I have a suspicion that many hawkers have their own ideas for projects, including space ones.
    I propose to participate in a survey under the cut, and in the comments to share my ideas on what space crowdsourcing projects will be cool to implement in the near future.

    Paul wrote:
    Here is the project and completed. The conditional line, set a month and a half ago, was successfully passed, and the inscription “Successful” is lit next to the project.

    I will not hide, these months were very stressful and it is unlikely that I will forget about them. I am glad that I was not mistaken, and my work was needed by people. It is very, very nice. 439 people who believed in my work. And this is only a month and a half. Moreover, many offered to help. They sent foreign scientific articles, to which I did not have access, their work on space subjects, offered their services in three-dimensional modeling, editing and text promotion. Published information about the project in their blogs and scientific journals.

    I am very grateful to all of you. It is very, very difficult to put into words all my feelings. I am glad that serious non-fiction literature is in demand in our country. I am glad. Thank you everybody. Only thanks to your help will the book be released.


    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Are you ready to support space crowdsourcing projects?

    • 52.7% is ready to throw money 265
    • 22.7% is ready to help not only with money 114
    • 4.1% I have my own crowdsourcing space project 21
    • 20.3% other 102

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