EU joins forces with South Korea to prepare for 5G decade

    According to Wikipedia , the stages in the development of wireless data transmission last about 10 years. 3G started in 2001, LTE in 2010, we are waiting for 5G in 2020. In order to keep up with the United States in the coming decade, the European Union has concluded an agreement with South Korea, one of the leading countries in terms of wireless technology development.

    The agreement signed in Seoul on June 16 provides for cooperation between the EU and Korea in the development of a global 5G standard, cooperation in research, the launch of joint research projects since 2016 and the harmonization of radio frequencies allocated for the new standard
    so that devices operating in Korea can work in Europe and vice versa.

    The agreement was signed both at the government level - by the Vice President of the European Commission on Digital Issues and the Korean Minister of Science, Information Technology and Futurism (Future Planning - there is such a ministry!), And on the industry - between the European 5G Infrastructure Association (which includes Alcatel- Lucent, Atos, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, Nokia, Orange, Telecom Italia, Telenor, Telefonica) and the Korean 5G Forum.

    Governments are very proud of this decision: this is the first time that states unite in such a way as to come to the aid of private business and push the process of developing common standards.

    In support of their decision, they even made this picture:

    We are waiting for the RF to join the process.

    Since the standard is still in development, 5G generally means wireless technology that allows you to achieve speeds of 10 GB / s.

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