Useful materials for the mobile developer # 63 (July 21-27)

    This week an interesting story was revealed about undocumented processes on iOS devices, Habr was friendly in understanding what they could block a developer on Google Play for, a new report was released Developer Economics, finally Yahoo bought Flurry - consolidation in the market for developer tools is gaining momentum.

    Apple does not follow, but helps users using hidden services on mobile devices

    Recently, Jonathan Zdziarski (Jonathan Zdziarski), at the Hackers On Planet Earth conference in New York, published a report in which he talked about several hidden, undocumented background processes running on all iOS devices. The expert suggested that these functions are needed by Apple in order to organize surveillance of users when they receive requests from the authorities.

    Why block Google Play developers

    The topic is very serious. If Google blocks you once, there will be no way back. Apparently, the relationship of the account with your name, IP, Mac-address and other personal data is tracked. Spoil your relationship with Google once - then never get washed away.

    New Developer Economics Report

    At the beginning of the week, a new report was released in the Developer Economics series - State of the Developer Nation for the 3rd quarter of 2014. It is based on a record survey of more than 10,000 individual developers and companies from 137 countries and is devoted to traditionally mobile development, market trends, platforms, tools, and monetization models. This year, special attention was given to Enterprise and game developers.

    Yahoo buys Flurry

    Analyst company Flurry reached a purchase agreement with Yahoo. Very soon, the company will go under the wing of the Internet giant. The cost will be, according to preliminary data, from 200 to 300 million dollars. The provision of analytics service for mobile applications will continue, but will improve greatly, as Flurry will receive resources for its development, the company writes in a blog.



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