Modular comics are an easy way to captivate your audience.

The struggle for reader / audience attention is gaining momentum. The author for a long time observes the behavior of people at presentations (sitting next to him) and is slightly shocked by the speed at which most individuals enter a drowsy state.

Lectures on visual thinking and a variety of recipes to improve the "digestibility" of information have already managed to fill their teeth. Actually, why are comics?


The comic "pushes" to build a presentation in the form of a story, while also acting as a guarantee of simplicity of presentation. Agree, very often, additional restrictions are only beneficial to the cause.

Moreover, personification and narration, in the context of the created “problem” or conditional situation, greatly simplifies perception, exploiting our susceptibility to “talking pictures” and simplified images. But not single presentations. Here is the real story, by the way:


The only thing left is to adapt your story to the proposed format and “depict” everything in the best possible way. It is obviously worth focusing on the first task, but very often there is a shift in priorities and a lot of time is spent on drawing and developing a style. Actually, a solution to this particular problem will be proposed below.

The proposed approach will allow to obtain:

  • quite finished illustrations
  • sketches that will allow you to quickly assess the applicability of this approach and simplify communication with the illustrator

In any case, this approach will save a noticeable amount of time. Initially, the task was formulated approximately as follows: it is necessary to allow a person without the necessary experience and skills to create graphic material of acceptable quality. A person with the proper experience and skills (thanks to AterLeo) created the most simple and "clean" style, presenting it in the form of a simple modular library.


By the way, a brutal man with an earring in its basic form looks a bit different. This is because it would be difficult to create all the variety of options in advance; instead, the “refinement” process was simplified:


It is worth noting that the article was written some time after the creation of the style, respectively, below were collected some examples (sometimes very unexpected) of its use.

An example of an illustration for the note “What happens if you use the phone without a case?”


In the plans:

  • Additional characters
  • New objects and environments
  • More examples

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