10 promising search engines to improve SEO

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Perform a thorough SEO check of your site to improve your search rankings.

Search engine optimization is a continuous process of improvement, there are many online tools for analyzing your site and providing the necessary information with which to start this process well. However, if you need to study in more detail the various elements of SEO, then you should consider using more advanced, integrated tools.

What is a web crawler?

Crawler is a program / script that allows you to automatically browse the site. It is also called a web spider or web robot. Many well-known sites use spidering as a means of providing relevant data.

The benefits of using a search robot:

  • You can control the process of receiving data, the interval of verification;
  • it runs in the background, usually without affecting the performance of the site;
  • does not require any prior knowledge;
  • bulk validation and editing are possible.

Let's look at some of the best search engines:

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Semrush
  3. SEO Spider
  4. Sitebulb
  5. Seomator
  6. Deepcrawl
  7. OnCrawl
  8. Raventool
  9. Serpstat
  10. Moz


Ahrefs is a well-known SEO tool that provides the best and very accurate data for digital marketing professionals.

Compared to other tools, it has the most significant backlink index. Using this tool, you can check the SEO of your competitors and improve your strategies.

Let's look at some indicators of Ahrefs:

  • 6 billion web pages are processed daily;
  • 12 trillion internet links checked;
  • 200 million domains tracked;
  • 5.9 billion keywords.

Huge numbers, right?


  • competitive search analytical report;
  • studying backlinks;
  • ranking tracking;
  • web monitoring;
  • intensive keyword research;
  • gives a comprehensive analysis of the SERP (search engine result page);
  • site checking;
  • check for broken links ;
  • and much more...

Facebook, LinkedIn, Shopify, Uber and others use Ahrefs.


Comprehensive marketing software that is exclusively for SEO, social networking, traffic and content analysis.

SEMrush is a program that all bloggers use to optimize their sites and create a favorable impression on users. It can help you get the most out of your site using keyword targeting and a very useful analysis of competitors up to their back links.


  • finding and fixing technical faults;
  • creating a reliable list of keywords;
  • creating well-structured content elements;
  • drive more traffic;
  • report tracking and analysis;
  • search negative seo.

In order to understand how SEMrush works, you can start with a 7-day trial version.

SEO Spider

Screaming Frog Spider is downloadable software for macOS, Windows, Ubuntu, available in both free and paid versions.

The free version can handle no more than 500 pages.


  • duplicate content detection;
  • overview of robots and other directives;
  • integration with Google analytics;
  • the ability to find "broken" links;
  • examining page elements for each verified URL;
  • the ability to specify HTTP status codes ;
  • processing a given list of URLs;
  • regular updates.

SEO spider is a powerful and flexible tool that allows you to collect information on both small and large sites.


Sitebulb combines high-quality data analysis and visualization. This user-friendly application on Windows and Mac.

Users no longer need to worry about non-standard spreadsheets or expensive software products.


  • Hundreds of ready-made recommendations that highlight important issues and show what it’s worth concentrating on;
  • graphs and charts to help you understand the data;
  • comprehensive reports providing unique and meaningful information for each area;
  • powerful internal search engine;
  • visualization covers everything from the smallest details to the most basic;
  • the ability to diagnose problems related to the structure of the site.

Try the 14-day free version of Sitebulb.


Seomator is a tool for monitoring and auditing both technical and architectural characteristics of a website, sending, after checking, a full analytical report to your e-mail and indicating areas that need improvement.

It takes into account external and internal optimization, characteristics of the site loading speed, ease of use on mobile devices and the quality of the content, and then provides all this data in a consolidated and structured report.


  • provides warnings and recommendations;
  • limited number of URLs;
  • ideal for small and medium sized SEO agencies;
  • includes rebranding your own SEO reports;
  • The embedded report widget is suitable for integration with SEO providers, which allows their clients to download reports from their website directly.

Seomator finds more than 65 types of problems.


DeepCrawl is a managed cloud crawler that helps analyze your site, understand technical reasons for improving SEO.


  • regular site monitoring ;
  • optimization of the site architecture and UX;
  • assistance in prioritization and error reporting;
  • recovery after sanctions in Panda and Penguin.

Try DeepCrawl and find out how it can help your online business.


OnCrawl is a search engine that works through the web interface and analyzes logs for high-quality auditing and daily monitoring.

It provides a detailed picture of the impact of SEO on various attributes of a website. The user interface is quite attractive and forms a clear view of many things.


  • allows you to track the activity of search engine robots to understand how they perceive the website;
  • The log analyzer features help you understand how Google interacts with the site and provide insight into potential site improvements;
  • evaluates the quality of the content to help you improve it as needed;
  • helps to eliminate duplicate content from the site;
  • monitoring site performance and internal links to find broken links;
  • helps to better understand organic traffic.

A 14-day free trial is available without providing credit card information.


Raventool is designed to manage SEO and advertising campaigns.

With this tool, your organization can instantly conduct research and analysis, track search engines and collaborate with other team members.


  • automatic indexing and preparation of marketing reports;
  • access to some data representatives, including Google analytics;
  • detailed, easily generated PDFs;
  • convenient organization of the presentation of information.

Raven has prepared detailed documentation to examine all of his tools.


A comprehensive development tool for PPC, content marketing and SEO. Serpstat provides all the necessary development improvements.

  • SERP study;
  • research of keywords, backlinks, text, competitors;
  • ranking tracking;
  • site check.

Serpstat also offers an API for tracking location, keywords, etc.


The list is not complete unless Moz is included .

This is one of the popular SEO tools for research, optimization, improvement and validation.

Moz offers a 30-day trial version.


Choosing a crawler comes down to the task of finding the most appropriate tool for your work and within your budget. Most of the listed services offer several free days in order to study them and see if they suit you.

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